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FINAL WARNING--New World Order
New World Order


       Final Warning, pg. 2.
       Letter With Vatican Seal
       Fifty Years in the "Church" of Rome
       The Mystery of Immortality
       Can the Dead Speak to Us?
       How Can This Criminal Go Free?
       The Genocide Treaty
       Reagan Orders Concentration Camps
       The Jesuits
       The Vatican and the Nazis
       The Yugoslav Auschwitz and the Vatican
       Chick Tract Links
       Favourite Links Page


Understanding means obedience to God's commandments. The Scriptures are not to be adapted to meet the prejudice and jealousy of man. They can be understood only by those who are humbly seeking for a knowledge of the truth that they may obey it.

Do you ask, What shall I do to be saved? You must lay your preconceived opinions, your hereditary and cultivated ideas, at the door of investigation. If you search the Scriptures to vindicate your own opinions, you will never reach the truth. Search in order to learn what the Lord says. If conviction comes as you search, if you see that your cherished opinions are not in harmony with the truth, do not misinterpret the truth in order to suit your own belief, but accept the light given. Open mind and heart, that you may behold wondrous things out of God's word.

Faith in Christ as the world's Redeemer calls for an acknowledgment of the enlightened intellect, controlled by a heart that can discern and appreciate the heavenly treasure. This faith is inseparable from repentance and transformation of character. To have faith means to find and accept the gospel treasure, with all the obligations which it imposes.

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