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My Favourite Links to Other Sites.

Websites with this graphic denote a Seventh-day Adventist site.

An excellent and fast-moving online book dealing with the same subjects as The Great Controversy but in a more succinct manner. Prophecy, life-after-death, angels, the origin of evil, the mark of the beast, etc.

Over 250 Megs of health and Christian reference material. There's tons of information here including many online books!

Is the Virgin Mary Dead or Alive?
An online book on prophecy.

Nisbett Links
A collection of many different fascinating subjects. There's sure to be something here to interest you, from prophetical matters, to health, to Bible studies, to expos駸 on the occult, to children's entertainment, etc.

Revelation Ministry
A website devoted to Revelation prophecy. It includes two online books on the subject, Christ and the Dragon, and The Great Controversy in a Nutshell.

Amazing Facts Christian Library
Scores of fascinating online booklets dealing with Biblical doctrines--prophecy, spiritualism, rapture, etc. Also click here.

The Beast, the Dragon, and the Woman
An excellent Amazing Facts online booklet which explains in easy-to-understand terms the prophecies of the four great ancient empires which eventually led to the rise to power of the papacy. Includes explanations on the image and mark of the beast. This is the booklet which really got me excited about prophecy when I first read it.

Amazing Facts Bible School Study Guides
Simple, fun, and easy-to-read, illustrated study guides explaining Biblical doctrines on a variety of subjects.

The Vatican's Holocaust
An online book by Avro Manhattan dealing with one of my favourite subjects--the Vatican's role in engineering the Holocaust! Graphic photos included.

The Two Babylons
A scholarly online book by the late Rev. Alexander Hislop explaining how Romanism is nothing other than a modern version of ancient Babylonian mystery religion--the worship of the goddess and the sun-god.

Is Roman Catholicism of God?
A brief online study exposing the errors of Romanism.

The Reformation Online.
An excellent website, closely tied in to, exposing the Vatican's intrigues throughout history. Lots of information here!

Two great online books. The first one, written by a former Catholic, compares and contrasts the latest Catholic catechism with Biblical doctrine. The second one reveals the Vatican's role in religious persecution down through the ages, and her role in the Holocaust.

Other than the disparaging remark made toward Ellen G. White and Seventh-day Adventism, this is a great online booklet for the Catholic to learn why his church's doctrines are not Biblical.

An excellent website exposing the papal New World Order and the threat to civil and religious liberty. It contains lots of information, including online books. Highly recommended.

An online booklet similar to The Beast, the Dragon, and the Woman, explaining prophecy concerning end-time events--mark of the beast, etc.

A great site with lots of material on Biblical doctrine and prophetical matters, including some online books.

An absolutely superb and beautifully-made site dealing with prophecy and exposing the false doctrines of Catholicism. So much information here. Highly Recommended!

Former Catholics For Christ
An informative site by former Catholics exposing Catholicism's pagan origins and false doctrines. And it's always interesting to check up on the lively debates going on in this site's guestbook between Catholics and Protestants! Feel free to contribute.

Modern Manna
A Christian site dealing primarily with health but they did once offer a free copy of two prophetical books dealing with the Virgin Mary and apparitions.

A Christian broadcast website which contains doctrinal material. Most importantly, you can click on their library icon and read two prophetical online books about the Virgin Mary by Danny Vierra in PDF format on an Acrobat Reader. Or just click on the graphics below.
Is the Virgin Mary Dead or Alive? and The "Star" of the New Evangelization of America.

Bible Revelations
A site containing much doctrinal and prophetic material including many online books such as Apparitions of Mary and--

Bible Revelations/Ron Wyatt
Ron Wyatt, now deceased, was a Christian amateur archaeologist. He found many sites and artifacts associated with Biblical history. He found Noah's Ark, the Ark of the Covenant (you'll never guess where it was!), the crucifixion site of Christ, the ancient destroyed cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, the real Mt. Sinai, the Exodus route, the Red Sea crossing site, etc. This section of the Bible Revelations website has much material on these subjects, including some photographs.

Wyatt Archaeological Research
This is another site dedicated to the discoveries of Ron Wyatt. You may also find many photographs here including indistinct images of the Ark of the Covenant, great photos of the remains of Noah's Ark, Egyptian chariot wheels at the bottom of the Red Sea, etc. Recommended.

Ron Wyatt
The site that bears his name. This is a well-made site with many articles and photographs chronicling his discoveries. Recommended.
Guess what? Human blood was found on the mercy seat (the Ark of the Covenant). Find out how many chromosomes it had.

Wyatt Archaeology
Another excellent website chronicling the discoveries of Ron Wyatt and explaining their significance in light of Scripture. Great photographs for every discovery including two of the Ark of the Covenant. The above graphic is an artist's conception of what Ron Wyatt saw when he entered the cave in which the Ark had been hidden. The actual photos are on this site.

Wyatt Museum
Yet another superb website detailing the discoveries of Ron Wyatt. This fascinating site's every detail is subject to the unanimous approval of the Board of Directors of Wyatt Archaeological Research. It also includes a page offering books and videos on all of Ron Wyatt's discoveries!

How the Pyramids were Built
The Wyatt Museum site differs from other Wyatt sites in that it includes information and illustrations finally revealing the ages-long mystery of how the Egyptian pyramids were built!
More on the blood of Christ

This is an amazing site with an incredible amount of information on it concerning end-time prophecy and current news events as it relates to prophecy. Created by a former Catholic, it also exposes the errors of Catholic doctrine. This site is so controversial that an earlier version of it was ruined by hackers.
(The abundance of graphics on this site may make your computer sluggish.)

This is one of the sections of the above Presents of God website, dealing with fulfilled prophecies.

This is also a section of the above website which exposes the truth about Catholicism and explains how all the prophecies concerning the Antichrist have been fulfilled in the popes of Rome.

Needless to say, the Presents of God website has met with much vehement opposition. Nicholas, the webmaster, has collected all the negative feedback he's received and posted it on his Hatred page. Some of these angry letters from Catholics use offensive language, so reader be warned.

The Bible Truth
Not the best-made website I've seen, but this up-and-coming site has lots of information on Adventism (ie, the Seventh-day Adventist church's doctrines which this 3angels website endorses), end-time prophecy, and expos駸 on the Vatican and its Jesuits.

Ben Abraham
This website starts off with an esoteric explanation of the meaning of Egyptian pyramid schematics, but it also has many good online books, some on prophecy and some exposing the New Age. Scroll down.

Best of all is this terrific online book I once read revealing the occultic origin of the Illuminati and exposing their globalist agenda.

Amazing Truth--National Sunday Law
This is the website run by the actual author of the booklet National Sunday Law. You may read this online book here also or peruse their newsletters.

Gary Kah
Kah is the Christian who wrote the book, En Route to Global Occupation mentioned on my Final Warning page. This is his website. It contains articles chronicling the progress of the New World Order and the New Age's influence in global politics.

Rome's Challenge: Why Do Protestants Keep Sunday?
In September of 1893, the Catholic Mirror of Baltimore, MD, official organ of Cardinal Gibbons and the voice of the papacy in America, published a series of four editorials openly challenging Protestants to account for why they keep Sunday holy when they have no other authority for doing so than the Catholic church. This online booklet gathers those articles together.

This site contains the written transcripts of the above video, Catholicism: Crisis of Faith. Former priests and nuns who've experienced a crisis of faith due to the church's unscriptural doctrines, emerge with a life-changing experience in Jesus Christ. I've seen this video and can attest to the fact that it is beautifully and sensitively done and is an excellent tool to help Catholics understand why their church's system of salvation will not work!

This is one section of a larger Christian website. This section deals with many topics, from Christianity, to marriage and sexuality, to cults and pagan world religions, to the paranormal, etc. Although some of their teachings may not be in keeping with Seventh-day Adventist doctrine (ie, this site promotes a belief in the secret rapture and possibly other popular false doctrines) it is nevertheless an informative site, providing succinct explanations to edify the searcher after truth. Many engaging online books are also included on a variety of topics.

Jesus Is Lord
This site has an absolutely phenomenal amount of information dealing with an astounding array of subjects, mainly exposing the errors of Catholicism. Recommended.
Sister Charlotte
Read about the absolutely horrifying ordeal of a woman trapped in a cloistered convent!
The Convent Horror
Twenty-one years in a convent dungeon, eight feet long, six feet wide.
The Priest, the Woman and the Confessional
Written in the 19th century by ex-priest Charles Chiniquy, this complete online book exposes the evils and pitfalls of the confessional for both the priest and the penitent. The compelling first chapter alone, "The Struggle Before the Surrender of Womanly Self-Respect in the Confessional," is worth the visit.

LLT Productions
Besides emphasizing the importance of observing the seventh-day Sabbath, this site also offers an endless array of books and tapes for sale on matters pertaining to prophecy, Christian history, and other Biblical subjects. Best of all, the 666 section features an eye-opening series of slide pictures depicting ancient and modern occult symbology, showing how many ancient occultic symbols can still be found today in the covertly pagan religion of Roman Catholicism.

This excellent website features an amazing amount of information on several subjects: creationism, Bible studies on last-day prophecies, natural home remedies for a variety of ailments, scores of books and videos for sale on subjects such as religion, creationism, health, etc.
One of its best features is its information on abortion. Click on the banner below.

Dial-The-Truth Ministries
Although I disagree with its information on hell, this is a fascinating website dealing with Christian doctrine, prophecy, and most prominently, the Satanic influence in rock music and "Christian" rock.

Shows prophetically, from the time of Christ and on through the Dark Ages to the present time, what the identifying characteristics of the true church are.

A wonderfully inspiring little booklet explaining how to live the Christian life.

The Desire of Ages
A superb 800+ page online book on the entire life and ministry of Christ. The Library of Congress says that this is the most requested book on the subject.

All the links below this line are new.

AIC International Christian Ministries
This ministry, closely affiliated with and offering many of the same publications for sale, is run by the widow of the late Dr. Alberto Rivera whose life's story was published by Chick in the Alberto series of comics. This site gives a brief history of the apostasy of the Catholic church, explains its connection to Freemasonry, including revealing letters from a former Masonic assassin, and offers books, tracts and tapes for sale at its online bookstore.

Exposing Satanism And Witchcraft
This site covers various aspects of Satanism and witchcraft including the false religions of the East and the occultic influence in children's entertainment. It also features books on spiritual warfare explaining how to be delivered from Satanic bondage. Good site.

Iconbusters--Protestant Reformation Publications
Although I don't agree with its every assessment of the finer points of papal error, this site is a bold denunciation of Romanism with much hard-hitting material.

Antichrist Slideshow
This section of the Jesus Is Lord website is a brutally honest, no-holds-barred expos of the evils of the papacy, from graphic descriptions of the torture methods used by the Inquisition, to the pope's connection with pagan religions and his use of the Satanic inverted cross in a televised appearance, to the vices of the Romish priesthood. This site has plenty of information and links for the honest Bible student.

This is the booklet mentioned on my Final Warning and Immortality pages. It is called What's Behind The New World Order? and also goes under the title Why Protestants? Why Catholics? Should Christians Unite? It is linked to my Who Are the Angels? site and can also be read online by clicking on the graphics above. It is 80 pages excerpted from The Great Controversy and deals with the apostasy of the Roman church, end-time prophecies, and the immortality of the soul heresy.

The Roman Catholic Observer
Run by a former Catholic, this website is very well written and does an excellent job of exposing the false doctrines of the Catholic church. Lots of information here. Highly recommended.

Antichrist Conspiracy
A very informative site with much material on the errors of Romanism including well-written articles in pdf format on the Jesuits, Freemasons, the Illuminati, Mary worship, Bible versions, etc.

The Revelation Website
While I may not agree with this site's views on the rapture, hell, and the sequence of end-time events, it still has much edifying information on the papacy, evolution, the key players in Rome's drive for ecumenism, plus studies on Bible translations and information on Christians and psychology. One of its best features is its online books including Fifty Years in the Church of Rome by Charles Chiniquy and The Suppressed Truth About the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

Premonitions of an American Holocaust
A sobering, and often frightening, look at the events of the last few weeks, explaining how acts of terrorism against the U.S. are all part of a government ploy to frighten Americans into being willing to accept martial law, as prelude to the Satanic New World Order. Highly recommended.

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