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These are links to Chick Publications (Excellent Gospel tracts and Christian books.)
These are links to Chick Publications
(Excellent Gospel tracts and Christian books.)

These are some of my favourite Chick cartoon tracts. Only the first four deal with Catholicism but Chick Publications has a lot of other literature on the subject.

But first a caveat: Many sincere and Godly ministries have unfortunately bought into certain deeply-inculcated and well-established false doctrines and pagan myths. Among these are the belief in the natural immortality of the soul (pagan myth, see Genesis 3:4, Ezekiel 18:4, 20, I Timothy 6:15, 16) and the subsequent heresy of the eternally burning hell (see Jude 7, Revelation 20:9; 21:1, 4), the sacredness of Sunday (counterfeit Lord's Day, see Mark 2:27, 28, Exodus 20:8-11), and the Secret Rapture doctrine. I don't know Jack Chick's stand on the Sunday "sabbath," but his gospel tracts are replete with the immortality of the soul doctrine, i.e., upon death a person's "immortal soul" immediately leaves his body to go before God to be judged into either heaven or a never-ending hell. Despite this, his tracts are effective and eminently readable!

For a graphic display of chick tracts, click here.

Are Roman Catholics Christians?
I think a better title for this tract would have been "Is Roman Catholicism Christianity?" Keep in mind that a Christian is anyone who accepts what he knows is true and does what he knows is right even if he might be in error on some points. (See James 4:17, I John 3:8) Accepting truth means you are accepting Christ who is the Truth and the Definer thereof. This makes a person a Christian automatically even if he never even heard of Jesus Christ. Many Catholics are just as much Christians as any Protestant, Hindu or Muslim etc. who lives up to all the light which God has provided for him.

Why Is Mary Crying?
Devotion to Mary is a Christianized form of pagan goddess worship and is unbiblical.

Last Rites
A Catholic learns that it's not the church that saves, but Jesus Christ.

The Death Cookie
My absolute favourite Chick tract. Explains how the Catholic church came up with the Eucharist used in the Mass.

Kiss the Protestants Good-Bye
One of my favourite tracts, exposing the strategy the Catholic "church" used to destroy Protestantism in America.

My Name?...In the Vatican?

The Poor Pope?

Ivan the Terrible

A Christian missionary exposes the Vatican's role in creating Communism and Naziism in her drive for world supremacy.

A concentration camp survivor learns that the Holocaust was deliberately engineered by the Vatican and its Jesuits as a modern-day Catholic Inquisition.

Is There Another Christ?
Explains how the pope, priests and Eucharist used in the Mass are false christs, idols.

The Attack


Allah Had No Son
A Muslim learns that the Allah of Islam is not the God of the Bible or of creation. The original version of the tract made mention of Mohammed's 8-year old wife.

The Storyteller

The Deceived

The Pilgrimage

Where's Rabbi Waxman?
Written for Jewish readers, this tract explains how a Rabbi comes face-to-face with prophecies of the Messiah and sees how they all point to Jesus.

This Was Your Life!
The classic Chick tract that started it all. Over 60 million copies of this tract have been printed showing that a man must not live for this life alone, but must prepare himself to meet his judge one day.

Sin Busters
Explains God's Ten Eternal Moral Rules for mankind [the Ten Commandments] and shows how we have all transgressed them and therefore need a Saviour.

Somebody Loves Me
A simple story about an abused child, told only in pictures.

One Way!
A simple explanation of the Gospel told only in pictures.

A tragic tale of sexual abuse showing the redemption offered through Christ.

A Love Story
Explains the love of Jesus Christ in creating you and then dying for your sins.

Holy Joe
A soldier leads his sergeant to Jesus Christ.

That Crazy Guy!
When a young woman gets AIDS she learns that God's moral rules on sexuality were for her own good.

Doom Town
The story of the destruction of Sodom, presenting a compassionate plea to repent of homosexual behaviour. Remember, it's not a sin to have temptation, whether this kind or that kind. But it is a sin to give into temptation, regardless of which kind.

Sin City

The Gay Blade

A soon-to-be rich man thought he didn't need God until it was too late.

The Visitors
Two Mormon missionaries and a potential convert learn true Mormon doctrine.

The Tycoon
A Buddhist learns that Jesus is the only way to heaven.

The Traitor
A pagan Hindu priest meets a man of God and decides to trust Jesus as his Saviour. Based on a true story.

Big Daddy?
A student disproves the theory of evolution to his professor.

The Long Trip
Life is a long trip which will end in either heaven or hell.

How To Get Rich (And Keep It)
Learn how to gain riches that you can take with you to heaven. Disregard the doctrine on the final page teaching that Christ will return for the purpose of taking over the governments of the world.

No Fear?
A teenager learns the truth about suicide.

The Mad Machine
Despite financial problems, world tensions and crime, Jesus can still give you peace.

Party Girl
After a brush with death a young woman realizes Satan's plot for her destruction.

Satan's Master


The Poor Little Witch

The Thing

Dark Dungeons

Meet Jesus: God's Plan of Salvation

The Word Became Flesh
The life of Christ from birth to resurrection.

The Greatest Story Ever Told
The life of Christ from birth to resurrection. Disregard the doctrine on the final page teaching that Christ will return for the purpose of taking over the governments of the world.

A complete list of chick tracts is available for online reading in English and Spanish.

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