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Jackie's Joint banner
Discotheque entrance Nile side of Nile Hilton Hotel


Jackie's Joint is a cool club and we prefer a cool crowd so please leave your training wear and sports shoes at home.

Priority entry for guests of Hilton Hotels, Jackie's Joint Members and couples over 21.

New members are invited to join the club every year in June. Ask our manager for more information about club membership. Diamond Club members have free entry for the card holder and their partner, provided they meet all entry requirements.



Cafe dining area with English phone box


With our very own chef and a display kitchen we have everything from quick snacks to salmon, steaks and sweets. Diamond Club members presenting their card on ordering food will have one meal free for each table of 2 or more. Contact the Diamond Club office at the Nile Hilton for info on Diamond Club membership.

Celebrating a birthday? Bring the whole gang for a party you won't forget! Jackie's Members get a free cake on their birthday.

For a quick change into your Superman suit or just a local call we imported a real English telephone box!





Booths and counter seating near the bar

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Snuggle up in our cosy booths or strike a pose at the bar - our friendly service staff know how to make your drink exactly how you like it.

How would you like some free drinks? Every night except Thursdays and Fridays we offer two drinks for the price of one during Happy Hours which last through till 12 midnight!

So you're really serious about free drinks? We'll even give you a free Happy Hour bottle for each bottle of wine or spirits you purchase before midnight!

Unlike some other clubs, we offer you 2 beers or 2 soft drinks for each LE40 entry ticket - great value! If you prefer, you can choose a mixed drink or a fancy cocktail.

Wine lovers enjoy a full bottle of wine by combining 3 LE40 entry tickets. Perfect for that "Girlz Nite Out"!





part of the wall mural around the dance floor


Miss Liberty hangs out by the dance floor and so do most of our regulars.

Why? because resident DJ Moud plays the greatest mix of international music through the BOSE and JBL sound system which gives us that ground shaking thump.

Start swaying to some cool acid jazz or chill-out after a long day. Then let the DJ warm you up with some sophisticated House and Garage.

On Fridays it's Latino House and Merengue with a splash of Latin Pop added to the mix. We don't forget the Hip-Hop side either, so fans of "R&B" and Urban styles can show off their dance moves.

Ever been to a club that plays one style all night? Not at Jackie's Joint - everyone has a chance to dance! Even Techno and Trance fans will get their required burst of energy!

The sound fills the whole club, but it's easy to talk, all the way to the Billiard Room. Yes we have a billiard table! Challenge your buddies to a game and the winner plays on for free!


Hospitality and Entertainment industry professionals should visit the technology page to connect with our venue designers, engineers, managers, and DJ's who can help you build your next great success.


Go ahead, make a reservation now!

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