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Come on in...

Enter Jackie's Joint fun pub and discotheque

Jackie's Joint is Cairo's best fun pub and disco at the 5 star Nile Hilton Hotel.

If you want a fun place to dine, drink and dance, join me and the friendly staff of Jackie's Joint any night of the week.

E-mail us for information on the latest club activities.

You can make a reservation right here, or phone (20-2) 5780444 extension 214 after 9:30 PM.

"Can't wait to see you!"

Jackie's Joint Manager


Come on in...ENTER HERE!

Contact us for more information,
or join Jackie's mailing list.

Don't believe us? Check these reviews and guides to Cairo nightlife.

Go ahead, make a reservation now!


21:30 to 04:00 nightly at
The Nile Hilton Hotel,
Tahrir Square,
Cairo, Egypt.
See map for details.
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