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Just so we're clear, I will NEVER sell scratched, broken or otherwise ruined Media (Discs, tapes). Everything is complete with all inserts or I won't sell it. I check everything before it is sold and I guarantee it's in good condition. Period. With that said, check out what I have listed below! Everything's used, but in great shape! Can always provide pics! Email me with ANY questions you have!

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Featured Toys & Figures

Kaiyodo Evangelion set: Consists of Metallic Units 00 Blue, 00 Gold, 02 and 03 and 04. Complete, in great condition, used as display pieces, come packed in bubbles. No cards. $85

Final Fantasy set (SOLD)

Star Wars Masterpiece Aurra Sing MISB $45
Stealth Voltron - Loose, complete $15
Fist of the North Star, Rei - MIB, complete $12

[Jar MAIN] [BUBBLEGUM UNIVERSE] [NEWS] [Image Galleries] [Tekyu's Toy Reviews] [Transformers] [Meet Tekyu ^_^]


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