Hi! I'm Tekyu! Welcome to my hovel of a page!

Meet Tekyu ^_^

Hi! I'm Tekyu ^_^, I run this page! EVERYTHING on it! And boy is it rough doing it alone, I do get some help from my good friend David now and then and occasionally others, which DOES help a lot! Anyway, this page is to give you some idea of what type of maniac is behind this page! So if you're curious, read on!

My old Jar

You might wonder why a lot of my lil' banners say "The NEW Jar", well... Here's my first website. The original Jar, it sucks in case you were expecting something as grandiose and image polluted as my current Jar is. >_< Frankly I got sick of that site real fast even though it's where most people are linked to me by and where my sales started. At least it has a link to the current page. ^_^ Note the other cute projects there like the BGC drinking game, the Chupacabra page and my constant red-meat references. Yeah, I'm saving that stuff for later when the Jar is under far more control in so far as images, time to write, and better ideas are concerned.

Bubblegum Universe

Bubblegum Universe was a project I started before I came to angelfire, It actually began on www.freeyellow.com and was so awful it wasn't even funny! As I kept hearing about how cool angelfire was, I came over here and started putting it together. It wasn't all that impressive at first, mostly a set of images and all the info I could regurgitate about BGC in a span of 2-3 weeks. After whittling down miscellaneous crap, I finally noticed something weird... PEOPLE WERE COMING TO THIS SITE!!! Weirder still was that people were asking me questions about the series! Freaked me out ^_^ To say the least. Now the page (as of 01/17/2002) has over 7,000 hits when its predecessor, the Jar, has almost HALF that. As I tried to update BGC Universe, I found that pure BGC sites were becoming a rare commodity! A lot of newcomers (thanks to the popularity of BGC Tokyo 2040) came to me with questions on what their sites were like and asked if I would link with them ^_^ I've been such a procrastinator lately that I've mostly been forgetting to do so, but I'm really pleased that I finally have more stuff to do! Hopefully the BGC movie that's been rumoured about will cause another surge for the series. And assuming the new AD Police series hasn't come out yet (and assuming it's not another annoyingly over dramatic excuse for fetish hentai and gore) I'm hoping for yet another. I've been out of the loop for a LOOOONG time now and my BGC info covers only what I've got (entire BGC series, ADP series, Bubblegum Crash and the first 4 eps of BGC Tokyo 2040). I'm looking to the creator of the awesome BGC Centre for support if fixing up the Jar, but my priority will naturally the site with the bigger demand. My Bubblegum Universe! ^_^ Everyone, thanks for your support on this site. It's been my baby since it came online and I hope it grows to its full potential.

'Cuz ya gotta have FRIENDS!

Dammit! I tried avoiding, but this must be done! ^_^ A big hey to those out there who deserve it :P

Mom and Dad, You gave me a home, you gave me all the love you could... and you turned up with THIS??? You call this a SON????? >_< Heh... In any case, I wouldn't be here... or anywhere period for that matter had you not been watching out for me and helping me through all my rough spots. You taught me the most important lessons in life I could ever learn and showed me constantly that you cared. I don't say it enough (like anyone ever can), I love you Mom and Dad ^_^

C-ko is a poo head! :P My lil' Sis, my darling little twisted ball of inspiration and... intense evil!!! >_< How an indescribable evil such as yourself turned out so cute, smart and er... FUNNY! Yeah, that's it ^_^ Is beyond me. TO move things along, I owe you much of my sanity for being there for me when my ground got shaky even through me being such a Jerk and piece of crap in general as far as brothers go. I love ya C-ko ^_^ Call on me anytime you need a shoulder or... or a toy :) I have more toys than shoulders!!! :-=

Xavie my bro!!! Few people could ever share my love of Anime and comics and well... stuff, like you can. ^_^ Cut from the same clay (do you actually cut... clay?!?) we are meant to conquer the world :D Just as long as YOU get be Cobra Commander, I would much rather have the uncomfortable mask of Destro and get made fun of less :P Har de har har... I love ya man, take care of yerself out in the wildes of californiay ^_^ And PLEASE make sure to visit anytime. Remember, you're not my friend, YOU are family :)

MJ you suck :P You have the perfect girlfriend (Don't worry, I've got plenty of nit picking for her! MWA HA HA!!!), Charisma and confidence enough to make any guy and their mean ugly mothers liquify into their stupid army boots ^_^ I can almost never beat at sports games, but I will forever beat you down in DOA >_< THIS I COMMAND!!!!! :P While you don't share my intensity for anime (that's because you SUCK!!!) you're always there for me as far as male bonding goes (yay for KUNG POW!), to take me to stupid places and always have nasty and politically incorrect jokes to brighten my day ^_^ Having you as a best friend makes for some perks, but uh... I've got to find a way to get your smell outta my house :P Man the prospect of living with you is horrifying, but at least you actually don't mind putting up with me... or my stink ^_^

Kristin you're the older sister who I never had who's younger than I am (WTF?!?). It's good to have you around to rein both MJ's and my own stupidity into the painful world of reality where you cannot in fact use a fart joke a currency. *sigh* While you are one of the pickiest people I have EVER met in my life, you are nice to the point that I feel this urge to just... well... beat you with bags of oranges and old phonebooks until you actually turn mean (That's a joke! PLEASE don't kill me >_< *cowers*). Seriously though, you've been the kindest most compassionate friend I've ever had (more than someone we all know...) and even though it's tough getting me to share, you make me feel safe doing so... I love ya Kristin even though you'll never EVER want to touch a pizza I personally order or watch my anime :) At least you make better competition in dead or alive than MJ :P BOO-YAH!!!

More people will be listed here, but I've got to get to class ^_^ THese ones just came to mind first :)


Name: Sean "Tekyu ^_^", "Guyver"
Email: tekyu@hotmail.com
Age: 23
Height: 5'11"
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Marital Status: Single as the day as long (thank GOD)
Mentality: You'd have to ask the voices.
Alliegence: None! I'm on my own! ^_^
Political Stance: Republican, Former Democrat
Religion: Non-practicing Roman Catholic
Preferred Music: Classical, Rock/Metal, Some Techno Schooling: Halfway through college (I hope)
Hobbies: Video games, Dating, Movies, Anime, Toys, Model building, Artistic supervision, Swords, Some programming, Writing, Ranting, Bastardry, etc.

A crappy, verily unshaven pic of Tekyu
A surprise shot my sis took as I smiled oh-so-weakly.

I am a hardcore video game fanatic, I am an obsessor of anime, a mad toy collector and and otherwise nothing special. Dust in the wind, and all that tangy flavored angst stuff ^_^ I've been working on this page for... dang, somewhere are 4 or 5 years and just as a hobby for the most part! Many things have come and gone, but it's been an insane joy making this page and every bit of email I get regarding makes my day ^_^ I go to college, I work in and out of an office (makes lots of sense, I know :P) and uh... stuff. ^_^

That's me! ^_^

You're a villain!
...though you prefer to think of yourself as misunderstood. You know the world would be a better place if they'd only let you be in charge of it, and if they don't appreciate your genius by themselves you're willing to make them. You've got good hair, a secret base and an ambivalent relationship with the bishounen hero. You've got the money, the women, the best mecha and your own private army, but you still lose in the end to some jumped-up kid with spiky hair. There is no justice.

Which generic anime character are you?

Quiz, code, and art all made by Victor Griffin.

I really hope you've enjoyed the page because I really liked putting it together! It's been an immense pleasure ^_^

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