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10/1/03 - Well, I finally got around to cleaning this place up. I've had some reviews that never got linked and will finally see the light of day. There's also a a lot of editing I want to do because some of my older reviews are kind of embarassing. There's plenty still to be done in the McFarlane area, then there's the Japanese imports I still have yet to list, but enough blathering... I hope you find the reviews and rantings listed below to be both helpful and/or at least somewhat entertaining. Enjoy :)

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Spawn in a Jar, my McFarlane figure obsessions

VF-1S Strike Valkyrie by Yamato

VF-1S Masterpiece Veritech by Toynami

Transformers ARMADA: A Brief Retrospective

Super Fire Convoy by Takara

Toynami’s Robotech lines

Bandai Gundam Figure and Kit reviews

Rockman X: All X by Bandai

Cammy (SSF2) by Resaurus

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