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Balestra - Jim's Fencing Page

Balestra - Jim's Fencing Page

Welcome to my fencing page. I'm new to the sport of fencing but I'm already in love with it! So as my fencing experience grows, so will this page.

Since I'm new to the sport I'm not familiar with all the sights out there on the net that are dedicated to, or involved with the sport of fencing. So if you know of any and you would like to see them linked here, or if you would like to see a link to your own fencing site, please send them to me. For right now I have added a very brief Links page.

I started fencing in May of 1999 at the Fencing Exchange in Scranton, Pa. If you'd like information about the Fencing Exchange go here .

Finally, I've got some pictures from the Fencing Exchange posted. If you'd like to see what an average night at The Fencing Exchange looks link follow the above link.

So until I get more information and pictures for this sight you might want to check out theUnited States Fencing Association or the Fencing Net.

If you'd like to see more coverage of fencing at the next olympics check out Tune In 2000 Project.

If your interested in me you can read my very short F.A.Q.

Coming in October of 1999 I'll have a short article published in an online fencing magazine. In addition to that TFA Online has very excellent content, both for the experienced and beginning fencer.

Below you'll find a link to my Fencing Bulletin Board and my Guest Book. On the Bulletion Board you can post any notice you want about schools, competitions, or just about anything else. As long as it's related to fencing. Just a few simple rules to remember. Keep it clean, don't spam my board, and do not denegrate anybody. Also you'll see a search utility. This will allow you to search my site for any information you want. Remember this site is still under construction so if you encounter any problems with anything on this site please notify as soon as you can.

If you want to research what equipment you'll need click here.

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