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Keith's Gourd Patch

Hello & Welcome to the Gourd Patch. I grow em! Dry em! Carve em! & Paint em!
Below you will find pictures of some of my creations

Once they are pulled from the vine they go thru a drying process. This can take some time.

Here is some Bushel Basket Gourds that are in the process of drying

Once they are dry I bring them into my shop and hang them in my hammock until I can get to them to clean. This also allows them to have air circulation and continue to dry out good.

This is where I work and these are some gourds I am currently working on. This is what they look like before I start cleaning.

Some gourds I leave plain with their own coloring and some I wax to shine them up.

Working on a cactus in a gourd I painted. And the finished product!

This is a pear shaped gourd that I left the stem long, wrapped it with leather and added feathers. A Dipper gourd wrapped with string, leather and feathers added. Simple bowl, lid attached with leather string.

Front & Back of a decorated bowl gourd.

Front & Back of painted bowl with leather hanging strap & beads.

Bushel Basket Gourd, painted on all sides.

WARNING!!! Naked Lady Ahead!!! :0)

The following gourds were done just for the fun of it!!!

Front & Back View of gourd with Bait House sign & Surfer. This one I call the green eyed monster!! It was a gourd that busted so I created this. It is hanging on my garage wall.

Hope you have enjoyed visiting my workshop! Please come back soon, as I will be adding more pictures along as I get new things created.

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