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Keith's Woodworking Page

Woodworking is a hobby of mine. I enjoy painting on everything in sight that stand still long enuf for me to get a coat of paint on it too! Here are some things that I have created. The picture above of the village is all handmade by me. I use a jigsaw on some of the cutting but mostly carve by hand or use a handsaw.

This is a close up of the adobe house on the shelf. The bowls out in front are made from the tops I have cut off of gourds. The man is hand carved and hand painted.

The hand carved Duck that sits on the shelf with the Village

A Flower pot that I painted and another vase that a neighbor gave me that I repainted and added the rope to the handles.

My horse, made with jigsaw and a piece of plywood.

Hat Rack that I made with jig saw. Coffee Cup hanger, also made with jigsaw

A Pony Cart & Truck

A couple of picture frames that I made

Bi Plane, hanging from my shop ceiling. My grandfather made wooden airplanes. Guess that's where I got my love for planes.

A shelf that I built and painted. The skull and bowl are ceramics.

A Tamborine I had laying around, so painted a bird on it and added feathers.

The Snake I cut out of a piece of plywood and painted. The Tomahawk is made from a small tree limb, and a block of wood I hand carved and painted to look like metal. wrapped with cord and added feathers and bells.

And Just to show you that I will paint on anything!!!

This is a man and cactus made out of horseshoes. My soninlaw got this for me for Christmas and it was solid black, I added a little color! And this is an old trashcan that was in my shop. I painted all over it. Just something to do when I get bored.

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