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Welcome to the HexiChess home page.

HexiChess is an amazing new 3D chess game which uses hexagons instead of squares.

It was invented by Tim Angley a Chemistry teacher at Unley High School. He builds beautiful crystal-like sets of the game. (see below to get one yourself!).

Here is what the game looks like:

Photo of beautiful glass board with 3 layers of 25 hexagons.

A beautiful glass board of 3 layers with 25 hexagons each.

This is a screen shot from a new version I have been working on. Some pieces and menus had not been drawn yet.

HexiChess consists of 3 layers of hexagons. Each layer has 25 hexagons. There are 36 pieces in this game.

Each player commands an army of 9 pawns, 3 bishops, 2 knights, 2 rooks, and a Queen. The aim is to capture your opponent's king... before he captures you.

All pieces can move in all 3 dimensions. They can move up or down as easily as moving forwards.

HexiChess has many parallels to traditional chess. eg. Try promoting a single pawn. The objective is the same, the pieces are the same, there are good and bad opening moves, there's lots and lots of strategy and it's good fun!

All images are copyright (c) Carl Kenner 1997. If you wish to use these pieces then you must ask me first.

BishopBishops move in such a way that they always stay on the same colour. They move along the lines between hexagons. They can change layers the same way.

PawnPawns must always move forwards (towards the enemy). They can only take pieces by moving forwards and to another layer, and they can only change layers to take. On reaching the other end they can be promoted. Never ignore the pawns. They are very important. Not just because each one is a potential Queen.

KnightKnights move in L shapes... 2 in one direction and 1 in another. The angle must be a wide one, not a narrow one. They can jump other pieces.

RookRooks move in straight lines as far as you like in any direction... Including between layers!

QueenQueens move like a combination of a Rook and a Bishop. They are the most powerful piece you command.

KingKings move one space at a time in any direction (but not diagonally in this game). They can never move into check. They must be protected at all costs.

Do you wish you had one of Tim Angley's beautiful glass HexiChess sets? I have one sitting in my lounge room so that all the visitors who drop by can go "wow" when they see it. The sets cost U.S. $295. This may seem expensive, but they cost that much to produce. This is not a cheap crummy plastic chess set like some 3D chess games you can buy. These sets are a rare beautiful collectors item with lots of playability too. To get one of these sets you should E-Mail both Tim and me:

Click here to let Tim know...

If you don't get a response try here.

Special thanks to Angel Fire for the FREE home page!

Note! There is a SECRET MESSAGE hidden somewhere on this page!
It tells you how to unlock a SECRET feature of HEXICHESS!
Unfortunately it is only possible to read on some computers!

To discover a new type of piece in HEXICHESS start HEXICHESS with the command: HEXCHESS /u
This will unlock the secret new piece!!! 
Send comments to if you like.

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