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Racial Tolerance and Cultural Diversity Ribbon

Anti-Racism Web Page

Orange Ribon Campaign.


Welcome to the Anti-Racism Web Page.

I, and anyone displaying the orange ribon, support "Racial Tolerance and Cultural Diversity". This is originally an Australian movement which is spreading worldwide through the internet.

How big is this movement? Well here in Australia I usually see at least one person everyday who is wearing one somewhere.

If you have a web page you can support the Orange Ribon Campaign by placing the above image on your web page. Just cut and paste the following code onto your web page somewhere:

<A HREF="">

ALT="Racial Tolerance and Cultural Diversity Ribbon" BORDER=0 HEIGHT=181 WIDTH=98>

Please E-Mail me if you put this ribbon on your page.

Note! This orange ribbon campaign has nothing to do with other campaigns which use different orange ribbons. I do NOT support the freedom to own guns orange ribbon campaign, I despise it.

Carl Kenner