The World of Panthelia

For a number of years, I've been slowly working on an original world called Panthelia.  Right now, it's rather a patchwork, more a series of short stories than anything, spread across the millenia of the history of the world.  The entire storyline is building to a story called the War for Panthelia, though that is still in its infancy.  Feel free to email me with thoughts and constructive criticisms.  The world has been evolving in various ways, and there are things in some of these stories that have changed, and some things where I developed the ideas in the midst of roleplay that will also be changed in time.  It is very much a work in progress.  The focus of the story is built around 3 things.  First of all are the dragons, who are an ancient and powerful race able to take either dragon or human form.  (The picture is of two of the Dragons, Rhoysmere and Agianna in their human form).  Second are the Dragon Soulmates, a series of 10 people spread through the history of the world who are able to communicate telepathically with the dragons.  The fate of the world revolves around them.  Finally, are the people of the Ulurakith, the decendents of Ulura, the Woman of Sorrows (one of the Soulmates).

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Guides to the World of Panthelia
These are not short stories per se, but are instead some of the working notes and explanations I have developed for the world over the course of the years.

The World of Panthelia:  This is the basic explanation for the peoples, creatures and concepts the world is based around.

Panthelia Chronology:  A chronology of the world, putting the stories into their proper order and times.

Panthelia Genesis:  Actually 2 short stories on how Panthelia came to be under the ties of fate and prophecy.  Tell me which one you like better.

The Prophecy of the Seer:  The Prophecy of the Ten Dragon Soulmates that are the central key to the history of Panthelia.

An Ancient Prophecy:  Another prophecy, focusing on the events of the War for Panthelia.

The Lay of Ulura:  The Story of Ulura, the "Woman of Sorrows", one of the dragon soulmates.  It is an attempt to write some form of Heroic Verse.  It also explains the foundations of the 2 people of the Ulurakith, the Amazons of An-Har-Ezil, and the Lords of Castle Ravenspeak.

Promise Cut Short:  The Story of the Seventh of the Soulmates, Anerra, and her untimely death.

What Price Strength: The Story of Alelneia.   This is the first in a trio of stories of the coming of age of Alelneia Ulurakith Majeri, Princess (and later queen) of the Amazons.

A Truer Strength:  The Second Story of the trio.

In Strength Ascendent:  The final story of the trio.

A Day of Sorrow, A Day of Joy:  The turn in the history of Panthelia, and prophecied in "An Ancient Prophecy"

Walkabout:  The entrance of Wendy Sullivan into the World of Panthelia, one of the three "outsiders" to come to Panthelia and be a part of it's destiny.  This story will be heavily rewritten in time.

Day of Decision:  A story of Wendy and Tomas after the Day of Fire

The Shepherdess:  The appearance of the first of the key characters in the War for Panthelia, Robyn, "Hope of the Ages".  (Note this story has references to my BJ/Renee stories of all things)

Destiny's Call:  The First appearance of Lyssa, granddaughter of Alelneia, just before the opening of the War for Panthelia.

The War for Panthelia: The opening chapter of the main story.  Sort of stuck here, but I'll come back to it eventually.

I wish to give special thanks to my good friend Furry Jackal for the picture of Rhoysmere and Agianna on this page.

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