So you wanna live in an anime world...

The Downside of living in the world of anime.

Well, it seems like it would be pretty cool to live in the world of your favorite anime. However, have you ever taken the time to consider the downside of living in those worlds?

So, I would like to present the Downside of...

Giant Robo
So, you wanna be a member of Big Fire, and here's the downside
Insane Speeches by Komei.
Having to look over your shoulder for inky black cats.
Occupational Hazard: being stepped on my the 30-40 Giant Robots running around.
No chance at Ginrei, since she would never go out with a villian.

And the Experts of Justice have their downside too

Taking orders from an 8 year old with bad fashion sense.
Getting assigned to the human pyramid team.
Slipping in puddles of drool from people following around Ginrei.
Being sent to pick up Tetsugu when he has a hangover.

Mobile Police Patlabor
So you wanna work for the SV2, well, there is a downside there too...
Being assigned to pick up ALL the shell casings after Ota's target practice.
Finding Goma's latest "litter box".
Random attack with newspaper fans.
Accidently nicking Alphonse.

Neon Genesis Evangelion
Of course, there are drawbacks to living in Tokyo-3 as well...
Asuka leaving her mic set on "intercom" AGAIN!
Having to rebuild your apartment every 17.2 days.
If depression is contagious, then Rei and Shinji are gonna start the black plague
You gotta memorize the whole angel chart.

Ranma 1/2
You just know there's gotta be a downside to living in Furinken...
It just seems like everbody just gets soaked in water on a constant basis.
Screams every night as women go out to bring in their laundry.
The expense of hiring lookouts to warn you to leave Dr Tofu's office when "she's" coming.

The constant fear that the station will be destroyed because Misa and Hikaru are too busy fighting to notice the entire Zentran fleet dropping in.
Working crowd control for Minmei in the Zentradi part of town.
The only decent Chinese restaurant in town is always crowded with drooling pilots hoping to flirt with Minmei.

These are courtesy of Fong-Lyla
Traveling with Lina Inverse, just saying that implies certain dangers.
1) It's nice to be able to live through a fireball, but after Lina flames
you for the 30th time, it really starts to get to you.
2) Heart problems aren't good, especially with Xellos popping outta
nowhere constantly.
3) Having to bear through Amelia's daily 20-minute long justice speeches
4) Having Xellos around, you get tired of secrets really fast, especially
when they nearly get you killed.
5) Gaining power is easy if you meet the right person, but you may turn
into a monstrosity in the process.

Or this. ^_^""

The life of the Suzaku no Miko is filled with adventure, but is it worth
it really?
1) Never invite Miaka over for any meal.  She'll eat 'til you're broke
and homeless.
2) Having to watch your stuff, lest Tamahome takes it and sells it.
3) Getting accidently flamed by Tasuki.  Or was it an accident?
4) Having the living daylights scared out of you when Taiitsukun appears
from nowhere.

I hope you like these, and I intend to add more as time goes on

I would also like to present the Top 5 Mysteries of Anime:
5. Why A-Ko Hasn't punted C-Ko into orbit by now?
4. Why exactly hasn't Ota been suspended from the SV-2 by now?
3. How can untrained kids jump into a mecha and beat trained soldiers every time?
2. What is the attraction of Lynn Minmay for the Zentradi?
1. Why the nerdy guys always get the gorgeous girls? (see Kyosuke Kasuga and Morisato Keichii)

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