The Realms of Obscurity

I'd like to take the chance to introduce you to some of my favorite obscure anime. I mean, I could gush about Oh! My Goddess, or EVA or Bubblegum Crisis, but face it, there are hordes of people gushing about those anime. What I'd like to do is reccomend some wonderful lesser known anime. So here we go, deep into the dungeon, in the back corners.

Detanator Orgun

To me, this is one of the most underrated mecha animations there is out there. In the future a young college student is beginning to have visions of a strange alien mecha while he is playing video games (these games are direct connect to your brain). Well, soon enough his city comes under attack, and this mech is looking to join with him to save the world. Yep, we've seen this plotline 1000 times before. But, here its carried out with style. As the mystery of the Evoluder and Orgun come out, the anime just gets better and better. Great mecha sequences, good characaterization, great character designs and an awesome soundtrack combine to make this a great little 3 part series. One of my favorite series ever.

GoShogun: The Time Etranger

Here is an anime that is strange in more than one way. This OAV is based on 1980's tv mecha series. That being said...the only appearance by any kind of mecha is in the very beginning, Remy (the heroine) is driving in her car and has a little 2 inch charm of their old mech hanging from her mirror. So, what is this anime all about? Fate and death! Yep. It doesn't seem like a promising theme for an anime, but it is very good. The animation is 1980's standard, and the music is forgettable, but it the whole thing just sucks you in. Give it a chance, it's worth it.


Here is another of those "teenaged girl gets sucked into another dimension" anime. That being said, I think it's much better than the average. The story line is a bit off of the usual route, and our heroine is not your typical weepy girl. Once again, being off the beaten track is a good thing.

Blue Sonnet
Blue Sonnet is one of the best psi/esper anime out there. Lan, a teenaged girl is just coming into these mysterious powers. However, there is a new exchange student in the school named "Sonnet". Soon, Lan is drawn into a rising cycle of terror, as she finds out about her powers, and why people are after her. Very good, even if the animation is standard 1980's stuff. Be warned though, that volume 2 does have some rather grotesque scenes.

Well, as I go on I'll add some more, but I would like to suggest for now Toward the Terra, Leda: The Fantastic Adventures of Yohko, Otaku No Video, Kishin Corps, Phantom Quest Corps, Irresponsible Captain Tylor, Orguss 02 and Gall Force.