The Doc's favorite Anime Titles

So, what kind of anime appeals to the crusty old Doc? I have to say that I enjoy many genre's, but here are some of my favorites.

Mobile Police Patlabor
Patlabor is the story of a near future Tokyo. In this series, engineers have created new machine's called "Labors" which are used for construction, military uses and all sorts of things. However, as one would expect, once that kind of high tech gets out it's not always used for the creator's purposes.
Although this is the best mech anime I've ever seen, the beauty of this series is not in the Labors. It is instead in the characters. These are very real people (okay, except for Ota, he is a bit over the edge). There are times you think that Noa is the little sister you never had, and Ota is the cousin you wish you could forget about.
Another part of the beauty of this series is that you never can tell what's going to happen. The different OAV's, TV series and movies have an incredible mixture of parody, slapstick humor, heavy drama, and everything in between.
My favorite episodes include Snow Rondo and the Second movie. Snow Rondo is an intruiging little story where Asuma meets and seems to be falling for a girl he barely knew in High School. It's a neat, intruiging episode, and I won't ruin the ending for you. In the second movie, a madman is slowly driving Tokyo into chaos. Which is worse? A fake peace, or a real war. You will not get out of this anime without thinking.

Kimagure Orange Road
Ah, Kimagure ("whimisical") Orange Road. The best coming of age story I have seen in ANY medium. It follows the lives, the loves, the pains and the hurts of a teenaged boy, and two girls.
What is so engrossing about this anime? Once again, it is very real. Even though Kyosuke's family has some very strange that get him into trouble time and again, in the end, it's a story about people. This is a story that deserves to be seen, and you really should start from the beginning. Thankfully, Animeigo has released the TV series, and when you can, grab it. You won't be dissapointed.

Wings of Honnemiase
This is a movie you either love or hate. It is almost totally without action. Don't let the promo's from Manga Entertainment fool you. In those short scenes, you see almost half the action from the entire movie. That being said, if you like long, intense drama, this is where you want to go. Shirotsugh Lhadatt is a young failure who ended up joining the Royal Space Force because it was an easy job that would feed him. A chance meeting with a young evangelist sets him on an entirely new journey. Out of that meaning, he finds purpose, and decides to become the first man in space.
However, in time he slowly begins to wonder just why he is doing this though. In many ways, this is the story of the rise, the fall and the coming back of a man. It has incredible depth of storytelling, of characterization, and even the theology is interesting. I will warn you though, that there is one rather shocking scene in it. It however is in many ways the key to the entire story.

In time, I will add to this page, and make some more adjustments. However, thanks for dropping by, and feel free to write.