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November 25/2007


Our First Year Cruising

Christmas 2008

November 25/2007

November 25/2007 Hello to all our dear friends and family, We are in a beautiful anchorage in north Lake Worth. Hopefully on Tuesday we will cross to the Bahamas, weather predicts 10-15 k winds from the south/east and seas less than 2 feet. Our learning curve is steep and seems to go on forever, but we are having lots of fun and adventures.

Crossing Lake Ontario was the first leg of our adventure. We went from APSC to Oswego, took about 23 hours. It was important for us to experience an overnight crossing to prepare us for the outside run from New York to Cape May later on. Night sailing was fabulous, the stars amazing, the sound of the bow breaking through the waves with the darkness all around was incredible. We had quite a bit more wind and wave height than was forecast but still managed ok. We vowed next time we planned for a night voyage we would start with a reefed main regardless of light wind forecasts.

Second leg of journey was the Locks! For the first couple locks I’m sure we entertained the lock master with our outstanding abilities. We learned to pull on the bow lines to keep the boat off the lock walls, but not too hard lest you drive the other end in toward the wall….we learned to put our rubber gloves on before we had to fend off that squzzy wall face…we learned to yell quietly for fear of being forbidden to continue to the next lock…just kidding…sort of. By the time we locked through our last lock at Troy on the Hudson River we were competent, efficient and quiet “lockers”! Oh yah I just remembered my reaction when we came into the Troy lock…Big sign says “


,- poor Ernie, I think those two tiny words “slow down” have lost their importance simply from overuse.

The mast came down at the Oswego Marina and back up on Wed Sept. 26th at the Riverview Marina on the Hudson. It was wonderful to have the boat back together but the cat was disappointed because she lost her sun shade on the deck We continued down the Hudson to New York City. As we were admiring the city buildings the GPS went down, we had paper charts so we were ok, but lesson learned, always have paper charts of some sort available. Actually the GPS went down in Norfolk, Virginia and Cumberland Sound, Georgia which are both military bases.

Submarines were also a highlight. In Norfolk a military boat complete with machine guns sped up to us and told us to leave the channel and stay 500 yards from the submarine which was coming up fast from behind. In Georgia the submarine was absolutely huge. There were several men standing on the submarine as it was going by us, very cool!

Next leg was the outside run. We went out on the ocean at New York and had 5 to 15 k wind and seas about 2 to 3 feet. Lovely overnight sail to Cape May took about 22 hours.

Next leg of journey was up the Delaware Bay, through the C & D canal and down the Chesapeake Bay into Norfolk Virginia which is the beginning of the ICW. Weather was warm and sunny for most of the trip and we met many friendly boaters and local peoples. Unfortunately we rushed through most of these places because we wanted to get to Florida and across the Gulf Stream before the winter weather systems. We did enjoy a couple days sightseeing, checking out the markets and visiting in Cape May, Great Bridge, Beaufort NC, Georgetown and Kilkenny.

Another leg of our trip was a lay up of almost 2 weeks at the Seven Seas Marina in Daytona Beach. Ernie cut a hole in the rudder in order to replace the bent prop shaft and worn cutlass bearing. He also installed a DYNA plate to improve SSB radio and replaced a gasket on the engine to fix an oil leak He also knocked off a few other jobs on the “list” as he was waiting for parts. Again we met many wonderful and generous people which made our time there special.

We left the boat in a Marina at West Palm rented a car and visited our family in Fort Myers for US thanksgiving. We had a short but wonderful visit.

And here we are sitting at anchor waiting for weather to cross. We are having an adventurous, exciting time together. We are getting to know one another better and enjoy each new experience together, always together…


Take care everyone!