Journal entries


November 25/2007


Our First Year Cruising

Christmas 2008

A warm hello to all: December 2007

We are in the beautiful Exuma’s at Warderwick Wells. It is part of a protected land and sea park – no fishing of any kind. We have had a fabulous time here walking around many of their trails, swimming and especially snorkeling.

While snorkeling we have seen very large stingrays, a few baracuda’s, lots of lobster, many varieties of colourful fish and beautiful coral and most impressive a 3 to 4 foot reef shark. We decided to crawl back into the dingy at that point, I got to go first.

Any way I guess I should continue our journey from where we left off at the last letter .

Nov 29/07 we headed out of Lake Worth Inlet at about 730 am, we wanted to be leaving by 6 am but were held up by rain in the early morning. Seas were forecast to be less than 2 feet and we put a reef in the main just in case. Coming out of the inlet the waves were very confused and much larger than forecast. We managed to get the main sail up to help with the rolling and pitching of the boat. As I was up on deck getting the staysail ready to hoist I heard the anchor chain from our No. 2 anchor going out, I looked over and sure enough our anchor was overboard and chain was running out so quickly I didn’t know how to stop it, luckily in another moment the boat went up another wave and the little door flap (that was supposed to stay shut) that had opened on the way down a wave had now banged shut. I wrapped some chain around a cleat and Ernie managed to get the anchor back on the boat using the windlass…well that was way too exciting!

We motor sailed across the fairly comfortable in 2 to 4 foot waves with the weather a little squally. At one point we could see the beginnings of many water spouts in the distance coming down from the clouds, none of them made it to the sea but it sure was exciting to watch. We made great time arriving at Memory Rock on the Bahama Banks about 330 pm. We continued on till 1030 pm and anchored at a little island called Mangrove Cay.

Next day we went on and anchored at Great Sale Cay. We swam in the beautiful blue waters of the congratulating ourselves on our arrival, what glorious fun.

Next day we sailed to Powell Cay and anchored for the night.

Next day we sailed over to Green Turtle where we checked in at customs. The town of was charming with narrow streets, pastel coloured tiny houses and very friendly people. We also met many more cruisers like ourselves and enjoyed many get togethers. We had great fun wandering through the town, we visited a museum where we were shown a whole cupboard full of antique bottles, evidently when the out house was excavated they came across all these bottles that they figure was from the “man” of the house hiding in the outhouse from his wife drinking liquor. When empty he would then drop the bottle down the “hole”. $5 per person for museum.We had a good time at the Pineapple bar, drinks $3 at happy hour and enjoyed conch for lunch at Miss Emilie’s

We left Green Turtle on Dec 6 and motor sailed through (saw large reef shark in water along side boat) and anchored at on Great Guanna Cay.

The water is very blue and beautifully clear.

We arrived at the town of Marsh Harbour and stayed a wonderful 3 weeks. We met many more fellow cruisers and really felt “at home”. We snorkeled, shopped, wandered around the beach area, had fun times at the Jib Room (previously called the Bilge), attended a Christmas parade and craft sale on the street. Water was $1.50 for 5 gallons and diesel was $4.80 us gal. Ernie met a very friendly, warm, interesting fellow who has a shop where he sells his art. He invited us to his church the Sunday before Christmas and then for Christmas dinner along with our friends Sheila and Steve from . We had the most comfortable, easy going Christmas dinner out the side of his house using lawn chairs and a plywood board for a table I had ever experienced. We made plans to continue our travels…it was hard saying good bye to our new friends.

We left Marsh Harbour on Dec 26, we had a problem occur when the anchor was coming up, Ernie thought I told him it “was up” and engaged the prop, unfortunately it was not up and the anchor chain scrapped against the rotating prop, causing some damage that will have to be repaired as soon as it can, probably in Georgetown.

We had a good motor sail to Lynyards Cay and anchored overnight. In the morning we went out Little Harbour Cut and motor sailed to in the Eluethra’s.

We had a fantastic sail from Eluethra to the Exuma’s dodging many shallow coral heads along the way.

We arrived in Allan’s Cay and anchored there 2 nights enjoying the beautiful blue waters snorkeling and visiting the iguana that sun bathe on the beach waiting for the tourists to feed them.

We motor sailed, mostly into the wind from Allan’s Cay to Warderwick Wells. We are on a mooring ball since they don’t allow anchoring in the bay, $15 per night. It is a protected place to be and we plan to be here a few days due to a strong cold front coming in soon. We had a great time on the beach with the other boats in the bay for a New Years Eve party.

We are looking forward to my daughter Jan flying in to for a 2 week visit on the 18th of Jan. We are having a fun time planning day sails and touristy things to do while she is here. We are still about 80 miles from there and it’s time to continue.

I find it surprising how many wonderful people we are meeting along the way and feel very fortunate and blessed for the experience.

Take care everyone!