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November 25/2007


Our First Year Cruising

Christmas 2008

2010 A new adventure has begun

It started in the later part of 2009 or at least that when I noticed it. I'm sure Kathy will correct all errors and omissions.
Back to the story
We were anchored off Hog Island our winter home base and Kathy was spending a lot of time on the computer I guessed that it was to purchase the cheapest air flight for the annual flight to Canada. She was also looking up optional places to stay .We had agreed that staying with the kids placed a great strain on all of us and with new baby coming (Kathy's second grand child) the stress would be compounded.
Kathy was looking up seasonal trailer parks .She had narrowed the list down to just 3 and would inspect them when she arrived in Canada.
We had talked about trailers and had agreed that it was a good solution though a major expense for that budget year.
My arrival in Canada was a whorl wind experience of helping the kids to sell and buy a new house since they had decided that the one they were in was too small for growing family my part was to stay out of the way and carry packages into the new address.

Tossed into this chaos Kathy and I went to the selected trailer park to view trailers. The drive in the country was refreshing and the park was an escape to paradise. We inspected 3 trailers that day and went away to discuss our options. We both agreed that the 3rd trailer was the best choice though we had little experience to draw upon. It was close to the kids for them to easily come to visit and set back in the woods across the street was a new kids play ground. We made an offer and it was declined.

We replied with a counter offer that was accepted.
The trailer would be ours upon passing safety inspections. We spent the first weeks cleaning house and making the trailer our summer home. Again'my part was to say out of the way and carry packages to the dumpster.

The first time it rained and every time it rained we discovered leaks in the roof. They seemed to move so well positioned buckets failed to catch all the water as old leaks disappeared or moved and new ones materialized.
To fix the roof we brought in the Pros luckily he was family and the roof was repaired.

Cutting the grass is an experience I had hoped to be rid of when I sold my house 10 years ago. I now have a lawn and a cantankerous smoke belching mower that doesn't know who's boss.
I like the flowers that grow in my lawn anyway.

I soon discovered the Paradise has its disadvantages.
We are far from the maddening crowd or to pit more accurately shopping is a long walk way.
We are trying to solve his with 2 electric bicycles. The batteries are supposed to allow us to travel 50 k between charges but I'm sure the test wasn't done with a person my size so we ll see how far I have to PUSH it. It better get me as far as the beer store.
Please remember that I opened this page with
A new adventure has begun
and I ll try to remember as well
Ernie and Kathy Martin