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Joes Skatepark rentout Music By LegBone. 3 MB.

Kyle Moore. Ollie Over dock stairs.


Chris Brickles. Ollie down brick doubleset.


Doug Conethan. Ollie Canton Gap.

Seth Cotterman Hand Rail Ollie

Here is a list of Coshocton Skate videos and some info about them:


This is the first Coshocton skatevideo. Realeased in '97 and Edited by Seth and Noah Cotterman.


AC/DC - Hells Bells

Misfits - Hybrid Moments

Sonic Youth - Queen of noise

Rancid - Salvation

Van Morrison - Brown eyed Girl


"Time is of the Essense."

A short promo video with no music released in '98.



Released in the summer of '00 Edited by Seth Cotterman and Michael Thorson.


Rage - Microphone fiend

Fugazi - Waiting Room

Metallica - One

Pharcyde - Rush

Dialated Peoples - The Platform

Offspring - From first record

Beastie boys - Time for Livin'

Rancid - Ruby So ho

Pantera - Fuck the world


"Turbo Sluts"

Edited with 2 VCRs by Mike Thorson and Chris Brickles. Has footage left over from "Fuzzy Math" and different angles, with tons of random shit. It has no Music.



A Promo type video edited by Mike Thorson. It was never realy supposed to be released, There is only one copy around somewhere. The next video will have all the footage from it, re-edited with lots of new footage.


Fugazi - Shut the Door

Pixies - Digging for a fire

Rancid - Black Listed

Archers of Loaf - Might

Modest Mouse - Ohio

Misfits - Scream

Sex Pistols - Holidays in the Sun.



This is the newest video. Edited by Mike Thorson. If you havn't seen it your not missing anything. It sucks.


764 Hero - Whatever way you see fit.

Dropkick Murphys - Denial

Pixies - Wave of Mutilation

Black Sabbath - Children of the Grave

The Damned - Smash it up

7 seconds - walk together, rock together

Pretenders - back to ohio