Full pipe action.

Big ass 180 over the cork wall.

Ollie over the rail at hathaway construction.

Half Cab down the factory wall.

Ollie over bank fence.

Frontside 180 over ohio heritage mulch gap.

BS 180 over pyramid.

Noseblunt - clow banks.

transfer on the zville ramps

Indy Transfer at new philly park.

Boneless in a ditch bitch.

Ollie through a big zero.

5050180out downtown columbus sequence.

Ollie over the McDonalds gap

Ollie over the chain down the roscoe gap

FS boardslide on broken light post

5050 on some federal property

5050 down a guardrail

Ollie over the BP gap

FS Tailslide planter gap ledge sequence

Gnar fullpipe rippage

Nollie off factory wall

FS 5050 in columbus.

1 push ollie down 6.

Bs 180 over gap.

Big ollie over a downtown canton gap.

Ollie off the loading ramp at Dari Mart.

boardslides the bank rail

FS 180 over the library rail.

Smith Grind Sacred Heart Rail.

K grindage.

Ollie over the cork wall.

Ollie down brick doubleset.

Heelflip over trashcan.

FS grab From quater to Bank.

Heelflip over BP gap

K grind zville box

BS Grab transfer in zville

fakie 180 flip in zville sequence

FS nasal slide at new philly park

Skatin in the Homeland Flippy in Korea.

Noseslide in a korean skatepark.

Kickflip on the clow banks

360 flippa off da wheelchair ramp

Kicky down some steps.

FS noseslide Factory rail.

Vert wall action.

BS noseslide in columbus.

Boneless with extra style points!

Bluntslide Curb on Clow Banks

FS boardslide bank rail

Tony Trujillo Ripping the kentucky pipe

Peter Hewitt getting high in kentucky

Justin Strubing - Big air.

Jon West K grind transfer.

Matt Jamison Bluntslide in an Akron skool yard


Matt Jamison BS Noseslide Fakie Out

Matt Jamison Boardslide on the sacred heart rail

Jason McCurdy5050 the sacred heart rail

Jason McCurdy huge hardflip

Jason McCurdy heelflip off bank ledge

Ted Sunkle Feeblegrind at our park.

Paul Jackson Ollies a 6 set.

Matt Concha Boardslide.

Matt Concha Gap to Truck Grind.

Matt Concha Burly drop in.

Late Night park session leads to retared pictures.

Are lovely Skatepark

Moss Rips and shreds with a big indy transfer

Dana Clark skating the barn mini

Denis Beats the bejesus outta chris

Marie Skating the barn mini

The Godfather of Zanesville skating....Jason bash hosting the contest.

Mikey Templin BS flip into the zville bowl

Mikey bluntslide

Mikey crooks

Seth Lipslides the Highschool rail with some paint shop pro help

The Flow rent out. 1/19/02

Kyle Goes Big over BASH

Moss Axel Stall

Moss BS boardslide

Seth frontal lipage stall.

Jeff Blank K-grind


Workshop/Habitat demo 6/9/01

Josh Kalis kickflip

Tim O'Conner big ass air.

Jason Dill cruisin'.

Fred Gall K grind to bank.

Tim O'Conner With Devin Senter.

Photos:Mike Thorson