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Info on moi!


Nickname: Candytrip
Real Name: Candice (say one word and I deck you..)
Other Nicknames:Angel, Candy, Luke, Candy-ness, Candy-cane, Candito, etc....
Age: 17 =
Birthday: July 2, 1984
Gender: I'm fairly certain Female.. *checks quickly* yep... girl it is... =
Status: Single. But I have the greatest ex for a best friend anyone could ever ask for! =)
Zodiac Sign: Cancer! (gotta love the crab!!! *L*)

Fave Bands: I have many right now.. so here goes! Orgy, Slipknot, Disturbed, Spineshank, Linkin Park, Tool, Coal Chamber, Lifehouse (no not hanging by a moment.. *L*), Papa Roach, Illdisposed, Apocolyptica and on the offside.. I like listening to video game music and celtic stuff.. *LOL* (don't bug me.. I know... it's odd... *s*)

Hobbies: My one FAVE hobby... DRAWING! Yes.. I love drawing with a passion.. and you can check out my drawings on my artwork page! I draw mostly anime, but have been known to draw morbid and all out disturbing things as well...whether I plan on putting any of that stuff up yet.. not sure... =)

Other "exciting" Info: I have a dog.. and he's such a cutie too.. *L*

I love video games... Some of my faves! All the Final Fantasy's, Including Final Fantasy Tactics, Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, All the Zelda's (minus Majora's mask cause I havn't played it yet ^_^), Spyro 1,2 and 3, Lunar: silver star story, etc....

I also love reading. My fave series of all time is Dragonlance, although I have read some J.R.Tolkien. ^.^

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