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My fave one so far. A Fox Type girl in the woods.
The same girl from the other pic.
This guys name is Aven. I did him for a friend.
A Final Fantasy 7 character. Aeris.
Here is Shala from chrono trigger.
and also a Baby Janus from chrono trigger.
Here is a drawing of an Airfairy from neopets.
I got so bored in Art class.. so I drew a cute Alien skater guy!
Well.... I love the pink hair!! But other then that.. she's just cool...*L*
Here is one left in pencil and ink of Locke from Final Fantasy 3
Again from neopets, a Blue Shoyru.
I got bored in math class and ended up drawing this Demon .
Here is a drawing of Ramza from Final Fantasy Tactics.
Here is a drawing of a Time mage from Final Fantasy Tactics.
He he... everyone's fave looney toon bunny Bugs!
The morbid side of me.. a girl chained to a wall....
just a character I named Aiden.
Here's one of Matt from Digimon.