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Austria Bike Tour - August 1999

Welcome to our web site showing our August 1999 bicycle tour in Austria. Click in the link below to start your tour. There are five pages of photos that you can access at the end of each page. Please be patient while the photos are loading, sit back and read the captions. Thanks for visiting. 1/02/2001
Begin your Tour of our 1999 Austria Bike Tour

Our next year's web site is complete showing the August 2000 bicycle trip from Frankfort to Italy through Switzerland - a 600 mile journey of lakes and mountains and fantastic scenery. Click link below to go to Switzerland Bike Tour 2003.
Switzerland Bike Tour 2000

Our 2001 trip to France includes great pictures and info about bicycling in the Alsace, Franche-Comte and Burgundy regions of eastern France.. Click link below will go to the France 2001 - A Bike Tour of Alsace and Franche-Comté.
France Bike Tour 2001

Our 2003 trip to Switzerland is now complete. It includes great pictures and info about bicycling in western Switzerland including Geneva, Murten, Bern, Interlaken, St Gotthard Pass, Bellinzona, Centovalli and Rhone Valley. Click link below will go to the Switzerland 2003 - A Bike Tour of western Switzerland.
Switzerland Bike Tour 2003

If you like either of these bike tour sites or have any suggestions/comments let us know at email to Bob Parry, thanks.

Vienna, Austria

march 2005

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