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France 2001
A Bike Tour through Alsace and Franche-Comté
August 13 to August 31

Welcome to the website for our cycling tour in France, including a bit of Germany.

We are all from Cleveland, Ohio, USA, and have enjoyed previous European bike tours so much that it appears to have become an annual event. We're sharing our experiences for all who enjoy travel, especially those on bicycles. (Front, left to right) Ed James, Bob Parry; (Rear, left to right) Greg James, Gayle Swan, Marty Cooperman and Bonnie Vargo.

This journey begins in Heidelberg, Germany, where we traveled south through the Rhine Valley to Strasbourg, France. We explored the beautiful wine villages of the Alsace along the Route du Vin to Colmar. Entering the province of Franche-Comté near Montbéliard we followed the Doubs River to Besançon. Leaving the Doubs valley we biked to Arbois and eventually rejoined the river at Dole. Our journey ended in Beaune, the wine center of Burgundy. Click on the links below to enter and view the tour.

last update March 2005 (Click on thumbnail to see a larger map of the route)
Click here to begin your journey - Introduction: Overview of the Bike Tour

Click here for - Introduction and Itinerary
Click here for - The Rhein Valley of Germany: Heidelberg, Karlsruhe & Baden-Baden
Click here for - Strasbourg, France: Strasbourg
Click here for - Alsace Bas Rhin: Molsheim, Obernei & Barr
Click here for - Alsace Haut Rhin: Colmar, Eguisheim & Cernay
Click here for - Franche-Comté: L'Isle-sur-le-Doubs, Besançon, Arc-et-Senans, Arbois & Dole
Click here for - Burgundy: Beaune

© 2001 Bob Parry and Ed James
updated 11/2002

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