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The Greatest Wolf3d TC Ever!!
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These are right from v1.38!

The Story...

Well once upon a time Damon and Cedric where sitting there and Damon noticed a Christmas card from the Walarious'. He started laughing and told Cedric he had the funniest idea of what a 'Walarious' looked like and drew it on a sheet of paper. Well, Cedric found this quite funny and said he could make a game out of this and Damon liked the idea. So Cedric went and downloaded some Wolfenstein editors and drew a Walarious. They worked on the game, just drawing things until they made the sound 'Eat At Joes' for the end of the game and thus was born 'Eat At Joes'. After that the whole thing centered around the theme Eat At Joe's.

The Enemies

The Walarious

Concept: Damon
Name: Damon
Attack: Bite
Sight: "What The Crap"
Attack: Bite, "Walarious"
Death: "Hot Carl"

Funny Laughing Box

Concept: Ian
Name: Cedric
Attack: Pistol
Sight: "HAHAHA"
Death: Many...have them later...

Slow Loris

Concept: Cedric
Name: Ian
Attack: Machine Gun
Sight: "Hi Fatty"
Death: "C-C-C-Crap"


Concept: Damon
Name: Damon
Attack: 2 Pistols
Sight: Nothing
Death: "Moose-Mar!"

The Surprise Has Teeth

Concept: Cedric/Damon
Name: Long Story...
Attack: 2 Pistols (Fired As One)
Sight: "Chicken!"
Death: "The Surprise Has Teeth!"
Long Story: Well, Cedric and Damon were sitting there (there won't be discussed now) and Damon pokes Cedric and wispers: "The surprise has teeth". Cedric looks at Damon with on of those "you are a stupid monkey-like idiot, go tie a piece of wire around your neck and try to take a bath in the toilet" looks, when Damon ponits ahead of him. Cedric looks, and low and behold there is a book called The Surprise Has Teeth. Now when Cedric sees this, he busts out laughing and decided that one enemy in EAJ (they began EAJ long before this) should be: The Surprise Has Teeth. Note: Damon came up with the idea of having it be a giant piece of crap.

Woolie Wool (Main Boss)

Concept: Cedric
Name: Short Story...
Attack: Throw Bombs
Sight: "Woolie Wool"
Death: "...Wool..."
Short Story: This was Damons nick-name for the Walarious
Reflection (By Cedric & Damon): Quote We really like the last speech line Pause The whole game is so 'up-beat' and then the final speech thingy is so laid back and quiet End Quote.

Super Walarious (Secondary Boss)

Concept: Damon/Cedric
Name: Damon
Attack: 4 Pistols
Sight: "Welcome To Joes"
Death: "Dirty Sanchez"
Note: We made this guy at the very end, cuz Cedric thought he'd be cool and put in the other 'key-giving' boss. The Super Walarious appears in the back of Joe's Bar And Grill...


Door Sounds: Josh
Secret Door: "Hmm, What Dis" Cedric
Enemies: A bunch of different people
Woolie Wool: Damon
Super Walarious: Josh

The Floating Heads

Karen, Damon, Josh, Cedric. These aren't very good pics and don't look anything like us, but still we use them. HeHeHe, wanna know who Karen is??? She doesn't have anything to do w/ EAJ... Well, Cedric had a picture of her on his computer and wanted to see if he could make floating heads and found out you could. We left her in the game.

...And Now What You've Been Waiting For, THE MAPS

Level 1: How It All Began

Ah yes, the level that began the neverending EAJ saga. Notice you have to puch the same wall three times to get the key for the secret elevator (this must be taken to get to Joes)... Level By: Cedric

Level 2: Twistymabob

Nothing really special about this level (besdies the fact every EAJ level is special). Level By: Cedric

Level 3: CVofDOX

Ian made the begining of this level and the rest is modeled after Castleview in Might & Magic V: Darkside Of Xeen (Only someone with way to much time on their hands would have figured that out by themselves). Notice the little secret behind the elevator and how you have to walk all the way back to the begining for that other key. One more note, if you take away the begining by Ian, this level is from The Garrett Game (One of Cedric's first Wolf3d demo TCs). Level By: Ian/Cedric

Level 4: Land Of The Blue Curse

Oh, the name doesn't mean anything. Simple level, but it does have Pacman up top... Level By: Cedric

OLD Level 5: Asylum

WOW! This level is horrid. LONG halways, many enemies. Be afraid, be very afraid. Level By: Ian

NEW Level 5: Dog Pound

Hmm, I like this level. "A little maze" says Cedric.

Level 6: Eye In The Maze Of Darkness!!!!

Hmmm, this level was from Cedric's frist SOD TC called Spearenstein. "I like the maps, make a point to put them in the Hint Book!" says Cedric. (Note: The maps were taken out of 1.38 but will appear in EAJ2. Cedric got mad when we took them out) Not much to say except the sprial in the middle. "HeHeHe" Cedric laughs menacinly.... Level By: Cedric

Level 7: Maze-A-Reee

"Well" says Cedric "An annoying level without a map... poor poor beta tester." This level was also a Spearenstein level: "Can you see I don't like making levels?" Cedric told us. Note: When beta testing these secrets only moved two squares which wasn't enough to get into the secret. So if they only move 2, you can just press them again. Note 2: "MUHAHA" Cedric laughs when asked about this part "I love the fact you can mess up the whole thing by pressing the panel, but i gave them a chance to redeem themselvels". Level By: Cedric

Level 8: Start It Off Hard

Doesn't look bad... it is. This was the first level after the first boss in Spearenstein. Look at those secret mess ups again!!! But hey, you can turn around open a few panels and get both keys without doing anything hard. "I had to give them a chance" Commented Cedric. Level By: 97% Cedric/3% Josh

Level 9: Wolf1-9

"I made the begining of this level so just lay off!" ~Cedric
Level By: Some ID guy/Cedric

Level 10: Joes

See maze? See Key in maze? At first you had to find that key to get into Joes... Now there another key in the red area. And you can key the gold key from the Super Walarious! See silver by maze? Floating heads used to be there. Now easier to find. What did Cedric have to say: "THEY RUINED MY LEVEL...." (we had to leave out a lot of colorful words)
Level By: Cedric

2001 Cedric Busch
The pictures under the 'map' section were from Floedit and changed and posted with permission
Also, the background is a wall picture from Wolfenstein 3d and subject to their copyrights
All trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners.
If you want to use any of the things on this page just ask.