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The Greatest Wolf3d TC Ever!!
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Do You Want That Chopped Or Sliced?

"This new TC scares the crap outa me!"
~DasFooz 2000

The most noticable feature about this TC is some of the sprites they use. To go with the cool 'slot machine' wall tiles, they changed some of the sprites into people; you can turn a corner and see a person, shot at it, then realize its only a civillian. Then you can turn another corner and see a person, not shoot it, and have it pull a gun on you.

The drawings are great too. Some new wall tiles (some just changed and updated from other games i.e. SOD), and changed sprites. All these look great... from slot machines and cars to gangstas with guns. You'll never know what to expect! And just when you think you have it down, a ghost pops up.... Well, I can't tell you all the stuff about the game!!

The Bros (Tyler/Dylan) are also changing the EXE file for extra modifications. I don't know what exactly their changing, but I know it'll add an extra dimension to an already neat game. You can e-mail them at:

Form Vegas FAQ By: Tyler/Dylan Wright

1. Intro- The game Vegas is a game made by the Wright Brothers. That would be Tyler and Dylan Wright. This TC is made after the famous game entitled Wolfenstien 3-D. Wolf 3-D is the mother of all first person shooters. I hope this game is a good one. Enjoy!

2. Story- Your name is Rave. You were sent with 3 others to a hotel in Vegas, that has been taken over by Gangsters, Drunks, Wierdos, and other lunatics and evil people. Well, you, Scott, Damion, and Scarre were sent in through the parking lot, and you must get through the Hotel alive. There are three missions......

A) You must assasinate and take back the riches a burglar by the name of, Mac(unknown last name), has stolen from various areas.

B) You must stop LA’s worst gang of all, the blood gang 7, and bring the boss down. They have kept a secret hideout somewhere in this hotel, but where........

C) You must somehow escape the from the evil swines and assasins, and safely get back.

* In mission A you are Rave, Mission B, you are Scott. The other 2 rivals were killed so are no longer in service. In mission 3, you are Scott, and you can’t find Rave anywhere, till you see him on the floor with a bullet in his head, his “Best friend”, (see Weapons, 5.) in his hand, a few yards away from the body of Mac. So you must go off on your own.

*Important* Rave, Scott, Damion, and Scarre all look identical, because they were raised from birth to fight and were the 4 chosen at that time to be Mercenaries, so they were trained and wore the same clothing and facial looks, So the government could identify them. Rave was mastered with a handgun and calls it his “best friend”, but has it retired, for an unknown reason, so you will never be seeing him fight with one. Scott was trained with a handgun, but later mastered the use of a chaingun.

How to Tell which is which... Well, Scott and Rave look to much alike it is nearly imposible to recognize them. Scarre was named that because he was sliced in the face at birth by accident. And Damion has a pink frill, or mohawk on his head.

Screen Shots
Only A Few Level Done, So Only A Few Shots

Those sleeping gurads will never notice me enter The Hotel!

HeHeHe, a non-enemy person. AND A TAZER!

My rifle is aimed directly at a non-enemy dude

TAZING the not-to-thretening bell boy

HeHeHe, the bathroom

Oops I walked in on this guy. Oh well, hes not an enemy.

Look at that nasty toilet

This is just a weird part...