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Here is what the books say about my previous pointe shoes and my own opinions about them.

A diagram to help explain book descriptions.

  • Capezio Odette

  • What the book says: Built on a last with a flat box, broad platform and narrow heel. A light wingless box with a flattering "U" shaped throat allows unrestricted freedom in demi-pointe. For optimum articulation of the foot, there is a pliant red board shank.
    What I say: This was my first pair of pointe shoes. It doesn't need to be broken in much because it has such a pliant shank. It has a very broad box, which caused my narrow feet to slide down into the box a lot. This was something I could live with, especially since it is such a beautiful shoe. It's almost as easy to point your foot in as a technique slipper because of the red board shank.

  • Grishko Vaganova

  • What the book says: The Vaganova is a high vamp design with a tapered box. It is an ideal pointe shoe for the dancer with a strong flexible arch. No drawstring.
    What I say: This is my all-time favorite shoe. The tapered box fit my feet perfectly. Sometimes I didn't even use toe pads! Just my tights were enough protection because it didn't allow my feet to slide; it supported them. The high vamp gave a lot of extra support too. There are no pesky drawstrings to tuck in either. The only bad thing I could say about them is the narrow platform, which some people don't like. I actually found it easier to do pirouettes on them though!

  • Capezio Contempora

  • What the Book Says: Moderate strength box with a #2 leatherboard shank. Dual nail construction provides a supportive shank and flexible heel. A broad, square box and platform make the Contempora the choice of dancers at all levels of training.
    What I Say: They had a short break in time and have held up really well, too. I have worn them twice a week for 2 hours at a time for half a year now and the satin over the platform hasn't even started to rip yet! I would like a narrower box, but this is a very comfortable shoe to dance in. I can really feel the floor in them, unlike any other shoe I have danced in. This is also a fairly inexpensive shoe.

  • Bloch Serenade

  • What the Book Says: Serenade’s square, wide toe platform is excellent for balance on pointe. It also provides superior lateral balance for the supporting foot when standing flat.
    What I Say: These are my new favorite shoes to dance in. In fact, I just bought another pair of them. They make me feel so lifted off the floor. They also break in pretty easy too. These shoes have held up the longest out of all the ones I've tried. Bloch is a excellent brand of shoes. Much stronger than Capezio. They also form a beautiful arch.
  • Pointe Comfort Ultra Lite

  • What the Book Says: Pointe shoe pads for the experienced ballerina. Constructed of orthotically tested viscoelastic polymers. This pure, soft, supple product was designed for the serious dancer to make performing more enjoyable and possibly extend the life of your career. The new Ultra Lite model is specifically designed for the training and development of your pointe work. In the thinner Ultra Lite you can feel the floor. This soft, supple product is the clear choice for all ballerinas in training.
    What I Say: I wear these awesome toe pads after I have worn my pointe shoes for a few weeks and they have softened up and stretched out a bit. When I wear them, I don't even have to tape my toes because the slightly sticky pad protects my feet. I love them and can wear my pointe shoes for much longer than I could with just regular lambs wool toe pads.

    If you liked the book descriptions I got from the Discount Dance Catalog, please visit their site which has them for many more shoes. Click HERE to be sent to their online catalog which has the same descriptions.


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