Dance Dream Interpretations

What Does These Dance Elements Mean In Your Dreams?

Keep in mind that many times we dream about things that greatly intrest us or are on our minds a lot, so dance will probably come up a lot for avid lovers of dance. Many times, for dancers, they will just mean that--that we love dance or are thinking about an upcoming performance or something--and will have no deeper meaning. Regardless, it's always fascinating to see what revelations our dreams might hide, so have fun! I've provided multiple interpretations from different sources (listed below).


~ Dance is always a good omen and it foretells many things, such as: children dancing signifies that your marriage will produce lively, happy children who are well behaved, older people shows a better business income and if you are enjoying the dance you will receive an unexpected windfall.

~ This dream is mainly favorable. If it featured ballet dancers or dancing it predicts new friends and merry social times ahead; if you saw young people dancing together, you'll have great success in your love affairs; children dancing, you'll have some unexpected joy; and if you were dancing yourself, all your enterprises will flourish.


~ Dreams of being a dancer may be an example of wish-fulfillment (stifled aspirations, hopes, and desires that seemed unattainable, but remain in our subconscious and are fulfilled in dreams) but may also be referring to your losing or your keeping balance in some waking situation.

~ If you were a dancer in your dream, it may be one of wish-fulfillment (stifled aspirations, hopes, and desires that seemed unattainable, but remain in our subconscious and are fulfilled in dreams), especially if you had thought of being a dancer as a career. However, the lives of dancers are not glamorous: they work hard with little pay. There may be a hidden massage in your dream--especially if you think you are working long and hard for little or no return.


~ This may be a happy dream which suggests that on some level you feel joy, happiness, and a sense of victory. If you are not in a good mood, and don't feel very joyful, this dream may be compensatory in nature. It may be trying to balance negativity and stress that you feel in daily life. Superstition-based dream interpretation says that dreaming of dancing predicts happy times ahead. Depending on the content of this dream, it may have some sexual connotations.

~ Since the earliest times, dancing has been an important form of ritual. A man and a woman dancing together can be seen as a prelude to lovemaking, and may indicate marriage. Dancing in a group is a social activity: it can represent a desire for something, necessary to the group, to happen, or it can be a celebration that the event has occurred. Dreaming of dancing alone, however, is rather different. It can signify a solitary triumph; it may reflect the fact that, in waking life, one is unstable to express one’s personality freely; or it may be akin to appearing on stage, playing a part that does not reflect one’s true nature.

~ Dreams in which you are dancing are usually ones to be enjoyed. Nevertheless, they do have special significance, even if they are often to be accepted as mere wish-fulfillment (stifled aspirations, hopes, and desires that seemed unattainable, but remain in our subconscious and are fulfilled in dreams). It would seem that you are enjoying life. If you were performing steps or movements that you know you could never do in real life, your dream may be suggesting that you are ready to "take of" in some way in waking life.


~ A good dream if you were dancing yourself; if you were watching a performance, it is a warning to look after your health.

~ Dreams of ballet dancing may contain elements of wish-fulfillment (stifled aspirations, hopes, and desires that seemed unattainable, but remain in our subconscious and are fulfilled in dreams), but there is the underlying fact that it takes years of dedicated hard work. Such a dream may be encouraging you to persevere with even amateur artistic skills, or there may be a general comment on your attitude toward work that demands discipline.

Dancing Shoes

~ Wearing dancing shoes that caused you pain in your dream may be indicative of a physical problem with your feet in waking life.


~ Whatever the kind of rehearsal, the message of this dream is likely to be that the individual should be sure of his or her intentions before embarking on a new project. Was the dreamer capable of a competent performance, or did he or she stumble? Who was the director? And what was his or her reaction?

Dance Class

~ If you were at a dance class in your dream, there may be a suggestion that you should get more exercise.


~ The dream that one is attending an audition--most usually for a role as an actor or dancer on stage, although it may be a singer or musician--is a relatively modern image, but the concept goes back to antiquity in the idea of being tested before a panel of judges. It signifies doubt in one’s abilities to attain a specific goal. Even if the dream audition ends badly, it contains a message to persevere.

~ A dream of attending an audition may be referring to some kind of test in your waking life. It may symbolize an examination or interview, but may also be a test you have set for yourself. How you behaved and how others reacted in the dream will be pointers to the way you should deal with the situation in waking life.

Dancing Master

~ If you dream you have a friend or spouse who is a dancing master denotes you will have a loyal companion for life. To watch a dancing master give instructions in your dream shows you will neglect some vital business matters.


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