Hi there people here's a little summary about all the shows we've played and all the bands we have met....etc....These past shows go back to when Downtown joined the band, we were still under the name Hostile Environment. We did some show's with Madball and H2O before Tony joined. But soon after he joined we formed THC. Plus we have 99.9% of all these shows on video tape, so if you are interested just EMAIL us and we will give you an address to send a tape to.

February 3rd, 2001 - Liberty Park - Mansfield, Ohio
Malpractice from Detroit /Time Has Come/The Corperates/The GC5
For our first show in 7 months and without Downtown This show went off great! Thanks to The GC5 for asking us to play, we love you guys!!!

May 28th, 2000 - Goodfellows - Mansfield, Oh.
Headset/Cringe/Time Has Come/Killbomb

April 15th, 2000 - Phantasy Nite Club - Cleveland, Oh.
All That Falls/Time Has Come/9 Shocks Terror/Godbelow/Ringworm
Thanks to Frank from Ringworm for getting on this show. Over all the show was ok, more people need to support the scene but oh well...

March 11th, 2000 - Yip Roc - Lancaster, Pa.
A Hope For The Better from Lancaster /Time Has Come/A New Found Glory from Florida
Thanks Jeremy for the show, a place to crash and finally meeting ya. We did this show where our label is from with some cool bands. A Hope For The Better was first and sounded great. A New Found Glory finished the show but had to split right after to NJ. It was a great time and hope we go back soon.

January 29th, 2000 - Woodstock Station - Mansfield, Oh.
Endangered Youth from Mansfield /Call For Violence and Pitboss 2000 both from Columbus /Time Has Come
Thanks to Rammy again(and the weather)!! With two new members it was cool to see Endangered Youth back together again! One fine job fellas. Pitboss was able to come up at the last second to fill in for Crossface. PBK2 also with two new members, friends of ours from the band Desperate Measures-Kerry(bass) and Dustin(guitar), congrats girls! Call For Violence followed with another ass killing set, plus Matt told us that they are also adding two more members to the band very soon. This might have been the last THC at the Woodstock Station, they are changing the bar into an "off-track beting" place or some shit, the changes are already happening. BUTT!! Dont forget the HOSTILE reunion coming up in February!!

January 1st, 2000-Woodstock Station-Mansfield, Oh.
57 Megaton from Columbus /Call For Violence from Columbus /Killbomb
/Bazooka Proof from Cleveland /Time Has Come
Thanks Rammy!!! Well another fine show at the W.S. 57 Megaton started things off with a very cool set and all of them were cool. Killbomb was next with "Kip" at the controls. Call For Violence followed with another intense show, Happy B-day to thier Drummer, little fucker is awsome and is only 16!! Bazooka Proof or "Lone and the Rangers" played 4th, nice mask's fellas! Thanks to Sean for sing along with us once again, nice to see ya all: Pete(GC5),Chuck,Paul(Neurotics) and Tyler.

December 18th, 1999-Woodstock Station-Mansfield, Oh.
Loathe /Call For Violence from Columbus /Time Has Come
Thanks goes out to all who came out and where the hell where you when we had the last show there??? Shout out to Loathe for playing on short notice, good job girls!! kidding. Call For Violence ripped out our ass'es, it was good to see Matt and Rammy playing again!

November 27th, 1999- Phantasy Theatre-Cleveland, Oh.
Turnbuckle /Bazooka Proof /Time Has Come /Crossface /Soulless /Odious Sanction
/Pitboss 2000 /Schnauzer /Ringworm
(All the bands are from Cleveland except us, thank you!)
The show that night at the Phantasy kicked ass! We would like to thank Frank from Ringworm for getting us on this show. Everyone did killer sets, Schnauzer was INSANE! Odious Sanction had the drummer from hell. Crossface!!(no need to say more) Bazooka Proof, Pitboss 2000 and Ringworm all had great sets.

November 26th, 1999- Woodstock Station-Mansfield, Oh.
Desperate Measures from Columbus /Bazooka Proof from Cleveland /Time Has Come /Pitboss 2000 from Columbus /9 Shocks Terror/Ringworm both from Cleveland
This was the most awesome hardcore lineup's we have had play there yet! To bad it was the worst turn out we have had! DMC showed up "just" in time to get things started and Dustin was at his best, winening like a baby! B-Proof and Erba from Face Value's bands had great sets, once again wish the turn out was better. People started coming in for the final 3 bands PB2K, Ringworm and ourselves.

November 6th, 1999- Woodstock Station-Mansfield, Oh.
Society Zero from Norwalk /Crush Efekt from Columbus /Bazooka Proof from Cleveland /Desperate Measures from Columbus /Time Has Come
I would like to thank Lance for letting me use the "VIP" crapper..Ohh boy!! Well once again a great turn out at the Station, Society Zero from Norwalk got things going then our boys Crush Efekt played the set from hell, glad to see them back out. After a long day in the Studio Desperate Measures made it down to play. First timers Bazooka Proof with our buds Tony Hintion(ex-Face Value) on Bass and the man with the plan Johnny on Drums, The band kicked ass!! A shout to Ezec from Skarhead and Frank from Ringworm for coming down to The show.

October 31st, 1999- Goodfellows Pub-Mansfield, Oh.
5 People from Columbus /Time Has Come /Killbomb
Well since my Payne Stewert costume did'nt go over well the night before I left it at home. Loathe would like to thank Killbomb for Fucking them, so they did'nt get to play. It's so nice to see a show so Organized(NOT). 5 peps from Columbo "had" to play first, I dont know if what they were trying to be Slipnot for Halloween or what but they were cool. Then we were next with the traditional rip your face off your assneck set. Then Kip/Captin Killbomb and the boys finished up.

October 2nd, 1999- The Grog Shop-Cleveland, Oh.
Disengage from Ceveland /Time Has Come
Thanks goes out to Tony for the "great" directions, well over all this show was mmmm ok I guess we opened the show but we couldnt stick around for Disengage but the sub shop across the street was killer! Hey Joel thanks for making it out to see us again!!(assface)

September 6th, 1999-Blind Lemon, Cleveland, Oh.
Desperate Measures from Columbus /Time Has Come /Buried Alive from Buffalo /Ringworm from Cleveland
And once again we join forces with the DMC crew this time in Clevo. I wish we had time to talk with the guys from Buried Alive, and wish Reach the for Sky could have made it but something came up. The club was pretty cool and the beer was even better mmm mmmm! We hade to run before Ringworm played but we are going to hook up with them very soon I think.

September 4th, 1999- Maple Tree Lounge, Norwalk, Oh.
Time Has Come/Desperate Measures from Columbus /Society Zero/Disdane both from Norwalk/11 Cent Junk from around Cleveland(I think)
Our first time in the big city. The club was pretty good size and the first band was Society Zero good punk/hardcore band from Norwalk, the guitar player is Jeff from The Regulars cousin. Then DMC was next followed by us and once again there is always somebody that thinks they have to prove how tough they think they are. I wish some kids would get it through thier heads that is all for fun and not to show how big of a hardass(hole) you can be. Disdane followed pretty good for metal then 11 Cent Junk closed out the night but once again we didnt get to stay till the end.

August 27th, 1999- The Jungle Club(or some shit like that), Dayton, Oh.
Desperate Measures from Columbus /Time Has Come/ Pitboss 2000 from Columbus
Hmmmmmm well it was a good show but an interesting place to have one let me say that!! Full Contact did'nt make it but its was great finally getting a chance to hook up with Pitboss 2000, good show!!! And can't forget our brother's from Columbus Desperate Measures. Plus about 20 or 30 of us got kicked out of Denny's, Fuckin' A!!!

August 20th, 1999- The Masonic Temple, Mansfield, Oh.
The GC5/The Neurotics/ Hudson Falcons from N.J. /Time Has Come/Slak from Columbus
This was the first show for our new PA, but we didnt get to stick around to hear anybody we had a 2nd show later that night. Thanks to John from Pitboss 2K and Dustin from Desperate Measures for coming up to hang out with us.

August 20th, 1999- Timeout Pub & Grub, Mansfield, Oh.
Endangered Youth/Time Has Come/Loathe/Killbomb
Our first time at this place, new owners seem cool. Endangered Youth started things off, it was the first time seeing them thanks to Matt from Endangered Youth singing along with us during our set wish we would of got this show on video! But the evening was topped off with a nice friendly brawl.

August 14th, 1999- Midwest Hardcore Fest II, St. Louis Mo.
Full Contact(Ky.) Diseptikons(Ca.) Desperate Measures(Columbus) Time Has Come(you know) Cold As Life(Detroit) E-Town Concrete(N.J.) Confide(St. Louis) Strong Intention(Maryland) In Truth(Chicago) Dogfight(St. Louis) Nine Shocks Terror(Cleveland) For The Last Time(St. Louis)
We would like to thank Jason for inviting us to this show. We had a great time even with little or no sleep. Our friends Desperate Measures road there with us(10 in one van). All the bands were great and cool as hell, it was good to see the guys from Cold as Life and Nine Shocks Terror again, sorry The Hoods couldnt make it though. We also would like to give a shout out to the Diseptrikons great band and cool guys from Ca. good luck on the tour and see ya soon!! E-Town was a highlight, great set!! Hope we are there next year.

July 24th, 1999- Pandamonium Arcade in Louisville, Ky.
Full Contact from Ky./The GC5/Desperate Measures from Columbus
/Time Has Come/Armbar
from Ky.

Great show Moose!! hope to be there again. Full Contact opened the show with Moose the man on vocals they did well. I think they just started playing out but I'm not sure. The GC's were next they sucked as always(kidding) they were followed by Desperate Measures from Columbus, our long time friend's: Dustin on vocals and Larry on drums, our first time seeing them good positive show they made there mark!! Then after we played Armbar from Louisville finished up. Great show!!! The CD shopping was almost better!!!

June 26th, 1999- Masonic Hall in Ashland, Ohio.
Time Has Come/Special Patrol Group/ from Chicago: The John Brown Battery and Callaghan
Well the turn out could have been better but the show was a blast(at least for the bands). Both bands from Chicago were great, and really cool also!! SPG had a good set followed by The John Brown Battery(good luck on tour) and then Callaghan(thanks for the PBR!!), great sets from everybody, hope they can come back soon. A shout out to Desperate Measures from Columbus that didnt get to play, next time we hope!!!

May 30th, 1999-Goodfellows Pub. Mansfield, Ohio.
The Regulars/Time Has Come/Killbomb
Goodfellows(Planet Earth) was not your normal place for a show like this but overall it went well, we didnt get kicked out this time. There were just alot of people just standing there looking at us like we were from Mars or something...oh well you'll have that most of the time.

April ???, 1999-Legion Of Doom. Columbus, Ohio.
Karrageenan/Time Has Come/Nine Shocks Terror.....and others
This show was played off High St. in a empty building of some sort with very bright lighting it was like playing in a class room or something, we mostly hung out across the street in the bar drinking. Ensign was supposed to play but they couldnt make it. The highlight was the band that played naked cant remember thier name though.

March 20th, 1999-Woodstock Station. Mansfield, Ohio.
The Regulars/Time Has Come/Killbomb/Busted Wig
What can ya say about this show? KILLER!! After we did a little "re-modeling" to the room The Regulars kicked it off before we hit the stage. Then Killbomb with "Kip" set the stage for Busted Wig, playing together for the first time since around 1994. The members are Jeff and Erik from The Regulars and are own Keith and Chris from T H C !! It was Metal Mayhem relived at its finest. Thanks to smed for doing a great job with the sound. Call him if you want the best: Jeff Carver (419-468-7662)

February 27th, 1999-Legion Of Doom. Columbus, Ohio.
Karrageenan/The GC5/Time Has Come/Kicked Out
The Legion Of Doom is a punk house that has shows in their basement. Karrageenan was first they were interesting, then our buds The GC5 put on good set even though the line up was shaken up a bit. We were next the pit was killer I hope we get asked to play ther again it's a little small but fun. The last band was Kicked Out. There is a huge show there April 3rd, Ensign and Kill Your Idols are only a few of many that will be there.

February 26th, 1999-Woodstock Station. Mansfield, Ohio.
The Neurotics/The Regulars/Nine Shocks Terror/Time Has Come
To all the kids that got drug outside by the cops and were given breathalizers we are sorry about that stupid shit we didnt know that was going on till the next day. Just goes to show ya that Mansfield cops have nothing else better to do than to fuck with people trying to put on a show and dragging kids outside that dont even drink and yelling in thier face that they are drunk and threating them that they are going to jail. But the show did go on The Neurotics started it off even though Matt got thrown out for a little, The Regulars were next playing all our favorites off thier new CD. Nine Shocks Terror from Clevo featuring Erba that used to be in Face Value put on a kick ass intense show, if you ever get the chance to see them do it!!!

December 28th, 1998 -West Oakland(st./ave.??) in Columbus, Ohio.
Superstar Rookie/Slak/Blantfinger/Time Has Come
Well 1st) Lots and lots of kids. 2nd) Some good bands played. 3rd) We Did'nt!! It was a joke in some ways but I know the guys that put it on meant well(I think).

December 26th, 1998 - Woodstock Station Mansfield, Ohio.
The Neurotics/Binge/The GC5/Time Has Come/The Regulars
What can we say? It was a blast!! Thanks to everybody that came and packed the house, and thanks to: The Neurotics, Binge(from Columbus), The GC5 and The Regulars that got stuck playing last(sorry). Plus the opening band dont know thier name but they get better every time they play. Thanks to all the kids for putting up with trying to get in, we are trying to find a better place to put on shows, sorry about all that shit!!!! But its only Mansfield some people just have nothing better to do and like to be a pain in the Fucking Ass.

October 31st, 1998 - at Yurek's in Cleveland, Ohio.
Time Has Come/The Regulars/Guttersnipe/Stud Bulls'Disco Biscuit
This show was a blast, lots of cool costumes and great bands!! We did this show with The Regulars/Guttersnipe and Stud Bulls'Disco Biscuit. This was our first time seeing Guttersnipe(with Greg Krol-ex Face Value Bass player) they played a kick ass set ahead of the Stud Bull's. The Regulars(or the "Omish boys") as always had a good show.

October 17th, 1998 - Woodstock Station Mansfield, Ohio.
Killbomb/The Neurotics/Binge/Crush Efeckt/Time Has Come
We did this show with Killbomb(from Mansfield)Binge and Crush Efeckt(from Columbus) The Neurotics and a late appearance by The GC5. As always it was a packed house, it was great seeing the guys from Columbus again, but sorry to say we didnt get any video footage of this show.And we would like to thank Ryan for doing another great job running sound(Ryan Foltz-Audio Engineer 216-932-9686).

Dont forget any videos you would like to have just e-mail us!!! And I'll give ya the info, and there is no charge for these videos just send me a tape and tell me what you want!!!

PAST SHOWS Continued