We've signed a deal with CI Records and are doing a 15-song CD, the 10 from the cassette, and the 5 new tracks, 4 of the new tracks are also going to go on a 7" EP on CI. The 5th track is a cover of Warzone's "Fuck Your Attitude". All three formats (Cass., CD, Vinyl) will be available from CI at a low price. Time Has Come T-shirts and stickers are also in the works thanks to the support from Jeremy of CI. Also look for a 7" on Transparent Records later this summer.

8/18/98-We're working on the CD cover art right now with CI, the guy who works with Jeremy and CI is drawing the cover. We're sending out the dat tapes, lyrics, and pictures and all that good stuff to CI now. As always, keep checking the page for updates.

9/5/98-We would love to give a shout out to the "HIGH-5" bar in Columbus for haveing our show canceled with no notice for a football game that a crowd of 10 to 11 people attended. We recieved this information from a reliable source(thanks Dave). He was not sure about the head count but we will double check for you the people!!!

9/30/98- Hi there everybody how is things? Well we have wrote a few new tunes while we wait for a busy month of October. Plus the latest on or CD is NOTHING!! no just kidding, we sent all and every thing to Jeremy(from C.I.) that he needs to get the production going. He's over in Europe with one of the other bands keeping up on their progress. He should be back around the 15th of October, and then things should get moving. Ok well thats about it for now, we'll try to update more often for ya's.

10/22/98-Hi folks what we hear from Jeremy from CI is that the release of our stuff is going to be in mid-December or mid-January. Jeremy just got back from Europe after ending up singing for the band he was over there with. But anyhow we will working on some T-shirt designs and sending them to CI and also writing some more tunes then possibly going back into the studio soon. And check out the "SHOWS" page for the latest show news,dates and times.

11/25/98-Hey! Well we now know that the 7" will be the first to be out,then the CD to follow later. Just in case you dont know the 10 song tape is available now through CI (info on getting all this is on the Discography page). Plus we might be doing so shows on the East coast when the 7" is released. T-shirts are also in the works. We hear that Victory is putting together a tribute CD to Raybeez(from Warzone), We're trying to get "Fuck Your Attitude" on the CD compilation. More updates on everything will follow as soon as we find out more, LATER!

1/6/99- Hi there! Hope everybody had a good New Years, we did! But any how the cover is done and the release date has been pushed back to Feb. Jeremy from C. I. is going back over to Europe for about 3 weeks to talk to some promoters and tour with Violent Society on Feb. 4th and when he comes back the 7" should be ready for release. He is also taking some of copies of the 10 song demo to distribute them over there. T-shirts should be ready around the same time as the 7". We talked to Jeremy today and he told us about a merger that he is working on with Ray Cappo from Better Than A Thousand and Super Soul Records. Jeremy seems really excited about this and so are we this will be a huge help for distro. plus Jeremy want us to say that the Super Soul site should be up around March 1st, you will only be able to buy our stuff and other bands releases thru them. Also we're putting together a release party, show what ever you wanna call it with The GC5 thier 7" should be out around the same time. Look for show info coming soon on the "shows" page. LATER!

3/16/99-Howdy! We should have some test pressings of the 7" in mid-April sometime. I talked with Jeremy and he said the trip to Europe went well, he passed out his new Catalog and some copies of the 10 song demo, Jeremy says tha CI is very busy right now but he's going to push our 7" up and the layout for the record is being done by Jeff from the band Gameface he does cover work for Revelation. Also there will be a CD for sure after the 7" is out. We just recorded 5 new songs to get ready for when we go back to Mars Studios, it turned out ok for a free recording. And by the way the Super Soul merger did go through, I'll have more info on that soon. And one final note, Jeremy said that Violent Society got a deal with Blackout. Well thats about it for now...Later!

5/9/99-Well if any of you dont have a copy of the 10 song demo Jeremy just got 200 more and we have 50 also, so if ya want one let us know or order it from CI. The test pressings for the 7" should be here any day now and the cover is on its way also, as soon as we get it we will approve it and they'll be getting pressed and out to all of you's people's!! Thats about it for now.....Later!

7/17/99-Greetings Assnecks!!! Hmmm well about that Damn 7 inch???? Not a clue but "its coming" but we are going back to the studio in August to record 6 or 7 more songs and they might be out on Transparent Records if we can work out something with them. Our gool'ol buddys The GC5 are on that label and have two 7"s out now. Just keep checking back for news on everythang......Later!

7/23/99- Well first the CI Records site is up and running and also Jeremy pressed enough records so that he could send about 100 out for review in some zines. We know now that we are doing a 7" on Transparent Records and Jeff Gaither will be doing the cover, check out his site!!! Go!!!!!! to the CI site now and order your Time Has Come 7"!!!!!!!!!.......Later!!!

8/9/99- Just got done recording again at Mars Studio's this weekend, the 8 new songs took about 12 hour's from start to finish. We will be picking wich ones to put on the Transparent Records 7". Our friend's from Columbus- Desparate Measures might be doing a split 7" with us in the very near future we are talking to a few other labels for that one now.....Later!!!

9/13/99-Ok folks, we now have two 7"s coming out in a few weeks Jeremy is doing a special ONE time only release 7" pressing 500 copies and then its out of print, the songs will be "Devoted to Nothing"/"Under One Flag"/"Protect or Punish" and "Better Off". The other 7" is going to be out as well the songs are "Worse comes to Worse"/"I'm Through"/"Cant Handle It" and "Conflict of Views" so go to CI Records to get your copies. A 19 song CD is also coming with the 8 brand new songs, 10 songs from the demo and the Warzone cover, it will be out early next year, more on that soon(the cover is already done for the CD). We would like to thank Paul from Transparent Records for working with us and understanding but we are still going to work with him for a future 7"......Later!!!

11/9/99-Hi Fucknuts well not much new going on just lots of cool shows and the new 4 song 7" is out so make sure you grab one. Plus the second 7" will be out as soon as the cover is done Jeremy from CI Records has three or four kids doing covers and the best one we will use. We'd like to thank Jeff Gaither from Gaither Graphix for doing a great job on the CD cover that will be out early next year. Plus be looking for a comp. coming out soon on Triple Crown Records, me(Scott) and T will be on a song with Desperate Measures we all did at Mars Studio with Lord Ezec Producing along with Bill Korecky......Later!!!

1/10/00- Well first off our(Scott/Chris and Keith) "old" band Hostile Environment is doing a reunion show with Killbomb and Loathe on Feb. 26th 2000 at the Woodstock Station. Jeremy from CI Records is still working on the cover for he "Devoted to Nothing" 7 inch, it should be out soon. The full length CD is still in the works and we will have more info on that later. Paul from Transparent Records has asked us to do a song on the Accused tribute comp. we still need to pick a song for that project. T-shirts and Hoodies also coming soon. Thanks goes out to Jeff from Xtreme Edge Design for helping us out with our CD covers and a big shout out to Bruuuuuce for burning them!!! Go play our stuff on our MP3 page, NOW!!!..........Later!!!

2/2/00- Our label CI Records is getting some shows for us in March and April, check the SHOWS page for more info. CI is also doing a tour called "Punk Rock Pot Luck 2000" with Hatebreed, Shelter, One King Down and many more,we will be on two of the dates and like I said check the SHOWS page for info. We are also trying to get on a comp. that Skratch magazine out of California is putting out, more info soon(I hope)...Later!!!

3/13/00- Howdy! Well we just got back from PA. and met Jeremy from our Record label ( CI Records ) and had a blast glad to be with them! The "Devoted To Nothing" 7 inch is out but it might already be sold out, go to their site to see or go to the DISCOGRAPHY page and get their number and call!! We have about 30 copies of it so act fast!!! Once they are gone, they are gone, the 7 inch is a one time pressing! We will have some shirts out by the end of April so reserve your shirt now!.....Later!!!

5/8/00- Wuzzzzz uuuuuuuuuup! Hi all, we where in Mars Studio's this week doing 4 new songs "Work, Drink, Play" and "Time Has Come Crew", plus we re-recorded the Warzone cover "Fuck Your Attitude" for a 3 song EP release on Cueball Records. Some members of Time Has Come are doing a little side project very soon with Dustin from Desperate Measures (RIP). The first song was recorded this past weekend. It will be a little heavier with that old meets new school flav. More info on that side band to come. We have some of our MP3's now on (Ultimate Band List), NAPSTER and Frenzy Radio .....Later!!!

1/31/01- Well well we thought it would be nice to let you all know whats been going on over the past 7 months or so...Not to much, we all kinda took a long break but we did keep practicing to keep tight. The new 3 song CD is now availible, T-shirts are for sale also. At the end of 2000 Downtown Tony Brown had to leave the band do to his job and other personal reasons but he is always welcome back whenever he wants to jam, we all wish him the best. We will be on the look out for a 2nd guitar player but we are in no hurry to find one. We are writing songs now and on the look out for shows....Later!!!

6/6/01- Howdy, well I guess I should let you all know why TIME HAS COME is no more. Chris has some personal things in his life right now he needs to focus on, T needs to fulfill somethings in his life and that allows no room for what it takes to be dedicated to any band. We wish them both the best! Keith and I (Scott) are in a new band we formed with Jason McFly called LOCK DOWN , Check out our page for info about the band....Later!!!

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