To Bow or Not to Bow

Discussion of a Christian approach to the tradition of bowing in the martial arts culture.

Bridling the Anger Monster

Controlling anger without stuffing it or someone else.

Ch'i Whiz

What is Ch'i and the response of the Christian martial artist to the concept.

Former Victims in Christian Martial Arts

Discussion of recognizing and instructing individuals who have suffered from abuse.

Harmonious Living

Comments concerning the Yin Yang in Christian martial arts.

Life Preservation or Self Defense

Discussion of philosophy behind defending one self.

Martial Artist: Clay, Not Stone

Discipline and training is the product the instructor offers a student. Can it be done without breaking the student's will.

Martial Arts Ministry - Not a Contradiction

A discussion of arguments against martial arts by many Christians.

Martial Arts Ministry as Small Group Ministry

Discussion of an approach to teaching martial arts in a church setting.

The Master-Disciple Relationship

A look at the differing types of relationships that students and instructors form.

Rehabilitation of Leg and Foot Injuries Through Water Aerobics

Personal experience in recovering from leg and foot injuries

Student Retention, A Two Way Street

Lessons learned in developing a consistent student body and understanding how to keep and release students.

With God a Little Sin Is Never In

A devotional concerning justifying actions.

You Are Not Alone

Devotional for Christian martial artists.

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