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So many of my friends have asked where I found my backgrounds, fonts, etc., that I decided to put together this place where everyone can come to find answers. I have included some of my favorites sites as well as sites that I have book marked on my own computer for when I need just the "right" accent for a page. I really do love working on my own pages and helping others make their sites work for them. Following is a list of graphic sites that I adore. If you still can't find what you are looking for, e-mail me and I will try to help. Better yet, if you have
a site that offers anything mentioned above,
send me the URL and I'll include it.
Love, Blue

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Web Supplies

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Free Home Pages

AngelFire Communications


Fortune City



Note: Many times your ISP provider also offers free space on their server. Check with them.

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HTML Editors

5 Minute Basic HTML Quick Start

HTML Quick Reference

HTML Guidelines



NCSA--A Simple Beginner's Guide

NCSA--tips for what you should and shouldn't do

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Free Fonts

Fonts for the Addict

Fontage 2

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Guest Books

Guestworld Guestbooks

Dreambook - Free Guestbook Server
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Clip Art Searcher--The best graphics search engine on the web

The Animation Gallery...

The Groan Zone

Image Addict's Attic

Windy's Designs

Victorian Elegance

Designs By Rick

Clip Art Connection

Twilight Designs

Kitty Roach Animations


Designs by Silver

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Quick Checks

After I make changes to a page or before
I unveil a new page, I always check the page
with one of these utilities...they both will
give you the size of any graphics (if you include size in your html coding the graphics load
faster). And best of all, they're free!!!

Web Site Garage

Net Mechanic

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