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Hopeful Love

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All That You Need

Everything this woman needs this man has...

Someday, Everyday

Someday this woman will belong to this man everyday...

Take Her Hand

This boy is in love with this girl and she doesn't know it. So when they go out as friends, should he try and take her hand?


This young man knows he doesn't have a chance with a girl who has so much popularity...

I Pray It's You

Every night he kneels and prays that the Lord let's him love her the next day...

I Miss Her

After the best night of his life with the best girl in the world, he explains who much he misses her.

That's All I Need To Know

He finds out that she just thinks of him as a friend, and he's not supposed to know. But as long as she thinks of him as a friend, that is all he needs to know.

A Serenade For You

This man tries to swoon his modest loved on with a serenade he wrote just for her...

I Don't Even Know Her Name

He has just met this girl and he knows that she is the one... and he doesn't even know her name...

The Dance That Lasts Forever

He takes his Valentine to a St. Valentine dance and he could dance this dance forever...