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Meet T-Bone's Pals!

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Adam is a junior at T-Bone's high school. Adam drives a Ford Probe and pitches for the JV Varsity team, and also plays first base. Adam listens to Rap music and his favorite rapper is Silkk "The Shocker." Adam keeps up with the latest high school fashion, which is plaid shirts with white t-shirts underneath and baggy plumber jeans. Adam wears a lot of colonge. E-mail Adam
Timmy is a junior at T-Bone's high school. Timmy also drives. Timmy isn't involved in any sports, but he spends a lot of his time talking on the phone to his lady admirers. Timmy also spends a lot of time driving people around. Timmy also likes to keep up with the fashion trends at LEHS. Timmy is a pretty popular guy at the high school. E-mail Timmy
Mandy is a junior, also. She plays softball and volleyball. She gave up basketball. She's pretty good at sports. Mandy likes to flick peoples throats, especially mine. It hurts, but all well. Also Mandy likes to e-mail you messages that are just a complete waste of time. Mandy has a boyfriend named Chad. They've been going out for a LONG TIME. At least 18 months, I'd say. E-mail Mandy
Carrie is a junior and cheerleads. Carrie is involved in a lot of church activities and enjoys listening to R&B. Carrie is a nice person and a good friend. Her and Mandy have been friends for a very long time. Carrie likes keeping up with style, also. Her and Mandy have a lot in common personality wise. Carrie, however, doesn't flick people in their throats. E-mail Carrie
Brad is a junior, also. Brad is on the JV baseball team and is also a football tackle. Brad's big football highlight was "I knocked a kid down." Actually, Brad is a good football player. Brad is also very active in his Baptist church. He helps plan activities for his youth group to do. Brad is a nice guy. He's cool. He enjoys lifting wieghts and he has pretty big pythons (bisceps). E-mail Brad
Chris is a junior and goes to school up in Columbus, Ohio. Chris a smart one, he is. He has an excellent grade card every grading period. He's also into cartoon art and geometry stuff. He is pretty tall, but I keep telling him to cut his hair. Chris and I have been friends since we were 5 years old. We don't see each other very often, but we keep in touch by e-mail. E-mail Chris
Brock is also a junior. Brock is short and trys to be cool. He is cool, though. He enjoys playing basketball and he made the freshmen team his freshman year. He scored one point. It was a free throw. He is a pretty good basketball player, though. His height just doesn't do much for him. The only thing not cool about Brock is that he's a Michigan fan.
Aimee is a sophomore at Tommy's high school. Aimee is like one of the coolest people I know. She has a great personality. Her and I went to the 1999 Sweetheart Dance together as friends. Aimee is in band and plays the tenor saxaphone. She goes to a non-denominational church and is highly active, as is her sister Elizabeth. Aimee also plays softball for the JV team. E-mail Aimee
Dito's a freshman in college and attends Ohio State University, majoring in Pre-Med at some point. Dito was in the band while still in high school. He played the marimba in marching band and sat next to me in concert band as he played the baritone. He was also in choir and he can SING! He's one of the best singers I have ever heard. It's incredible. E-mail Dito
Kiera is my neighbor. She's a sophomore. Kiera and I make fun of people together and sing songs on the way home from school. Kiera plays clarinet in band. She is also in choir. Kiera is a good friend and I can tell her almost anything. Her parents can't wait for me to get my license so I can haul her back and forth from school. Her parents are cool, though. E-mail Kiera
Chris and I do goofy stuff in band. Chris is a big fella. He is the head dude on the high school web page staff. He knows a lot about HTML and computers and things. He's a pretty smart guy, also. Chris is a drummer in marching band and is just learning how to play tuba in concert and he's doing very well. Chris is also very funny. He's one of the funniest people I know. E-mail Chris
Brandon is a good friend of mine. He's also a junior. Brandon is an awesome artist. He likes to draw aliens and such things like that. He wears dark colors and is a big fan of the crow. He also enjoys watching wrestling. His favorite wrestler (last time I checked) was Sting, of course I'm almost certain that he's changed his favorite. Brandon is the assistant director of the play I am directing for our high school.
Brian is also a junior in band with me. He plays drums too. He's pretty good. He has a drum set at home. He also has a huge black truck. Brian lives on a large property and his family has horses and things. Brian has a girlfriend named Diana. Diana is cool. Her and Brian make a good couple. Brian, Chris, Brandon and I all room together on band trips and Band Camp.
Dawna is a pen pal of mine. Her and I have only seen each other once when I went to visit Chris (the first Chris listed who lives in Columbus). She is really nice and is a Senior at a cathlioc school in Columbus. She plays violen in an orchastra. I don't know how good she is, but I could deffinitly bet that she is very, very good. E-mail Dawna

Krista is a freshman in college. Krista played flute in concert band and sat first chair. She was the field commander for our marching band her Junior and Senior year. She's really nice and has a good personality. She was heavily involved with the local drama organization "Roundtown Players." Krista plans on majoring in Pre-Med. E-mail Krista
Chris is a junior and plays saxaphone in band. He is second chair. He's really nice and doesn't do no wrong. He's sort of a goody-two shoes, but that's okay. He also played soccer with me on our high school team during our sophomore year. His junior year, Chirs is going to run cross country instead. Chris has a girlfriend named Kim. Kim is really nice. I like Kim. As a friend, of course. E-mail Chris
Derron is a sophomore at my high school. He is very funny, but doesn't try to be. Derron can talk hours about a stupid subject that no one cares about. Hence his nickname "Stupid Derron", a nickname I myself gave him just this year during band camp. Derron replaced Dito who graduated as the other baritone player. He is doing very well. Derron is also an exceptional singer. E-mail Derron
Dustin is a senior at my high school this year. Dustin is highly sarcastic and it's hard sometimes to really tell what he's thinking. He loves traditional country music and sing very well. He had the lead during the Roundtown Players production of "Trial By Jury" which is an operetta by Gilbert and Sullivan. Dustin plays trombone in the band. I hope that him, Derron, and I get to be in the boys quartet this year. Dustin is the high tenor, Derron is a baritone, and I am a bass.
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