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NO! Magazine

Welcome to the NO! Magazine - The Home Of All My Lyrics

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NO! Magazine

Welcome to the NO! Magazine. The Magazine is currently in a rebuilding mode. I've decided to make this a homepage worth while. I have discovered a talent of mine. This talent is writting lyrics.

Each set of my lyrics have a story behind them. Here, you can read my lyrics and read the story behind them and send me feedback. Most of my lyrics are about love. I'm sort of a romantic, you could say.

My career goal right now is to write Broadway musicals and to write pop lyrics on the side. Hopefully, the words I have written will get me there. Please note that all of these lyrics are protected by copyright. Any attempt to try and steal these lyrics will result in a law suit filed by me. I have several connections with the law system, so if you foolishly decide to try and steal my words I'm going to whop your butt in the court room.

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