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About this Site

Today is…- clicking on the current day’s date will display the daily Mass readings on United States Conference of Catholic Bishops website /nab/today.shtml.

  • Featured Saint/Feast Day -  click on the picture of the featured Saint or the date/name of the Feast Day and it will display information about the Saint/Feast Day on the Catholic Online website : or Women for Faith and Family website:

  • Picture of St. Ignatius Loyola Church at the bottom of the Home page-  clicking on this icon will display the pictures of our Parish Garden.

Staff/Offices -  listing of all current staff members and ministry directors along with phone numbers and contact information.

Mass Schedule/ Rectory Hours -  lists the hours of the Rectory, our Mass schedule, Confession schedule, Nocturnal Adoration hours and information on the Sacraments.

Directions -  provides driving directions to St. Ignatius Loyola Church.

Contact Us -  provides phone and fax numbers for the Rectory as well as email contacts for the Rectory, Religious Education, the Parish School, the Pastoral Assistant and the Webmaster.

Adult Faith Formation - the goals of our Parish Faith Formation are listed along with summaries of the various ministries.

Announcements -  any current information pertaining to our Parish, School,  ministries or any events that are deemed worthwhile.  Communications from our Pastor, Bishop etc. may also be posted here.

Best Links - a variety of approved Catholic websites that will provide current information and inspirational readings.

Community Connection - currect edition is posted here.

Comunidad Hispana - information pertaining to the Spanish community written in Spanish.

Human Services - contact information and listing of services offered.

Let Us Pray -  this link contains an assortment of traditional Catholic Prayers.

Ministries -  listing and summaries of the many ministries in our Parish.  The red underlined title will link you to more detailed descriptions of the individual ministries.

Music - a description of our Music Ministry and some information about our cantors and song leaders.  Practice schedule and information on how to become involved are also provided.

Our Patron Saint -  this is the same link that is accessed by clicking on the Icon at the top of the page.   It displays the St. Ignatius of Loyola Prayer and history of our Patron Saint.

Our Weekly Bulletin -  current bulletin is posted each week.  Bulletin from beginning of 2009 can be found on the Archive.

Parish History - an in depth history of our Parish.  Each of the blue underlined titles will take you directly to that section of the document.

Parish School - this link will take you to the website of St. Ignatius Loyola School.

Parish's 150th Anniversary - 2009 is the 150th anniversary of our Parish.  Information about the events will be posted here.

Photo Gallery - various pictures from our Church, School and gardens are posted here.

Stewardship - a description of Stewardship, links to a Q&A about it, and a link to the ministry pages.  Data is also displayed reflecting the Sacramental and Evangelical statistics of our Parish.

Words from the Pope- this link will direct you the Vatican website where any current information or past documents, encyclicals etc. can be accessed.  Click on the Holy See/English and then choose the icon to link you to the section containing the information you are seeking.

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