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This is the kind of history writing I could have learned from years ago in school! - D.Anderson

No sooner had I published an Op-Ed for The Free-Lance Star in regards to teaching "accurate and unbiased Civil War history" when I received a wonderful email from a Virginia teacher who has used my book Onward Christian Soldier in his classroom.

Although I have received several requests for copies from home schooling individuals, I am well aware of the "Politically Correct" reality of today's school system and had reluctantly accepted the fact that a Christian-based biography would not be welcome in the world of public education.

Apparently I was wrong, and I would like to thank Mr. Geoffrey McCabe for selecting my work as an acceptable study aid for his students. Throughout my research, I have strived to present an intimate, Christian-based portrait of Thomas Jackson and his approval as a teacher has given me a wonderful sense of validation. He wrote:

As a fifth grade teacher in the Spotsylvania School System, I have tried, with God's help, to expose my students to as many genuine historical perspectives as reasonably possible. It is quite evident from my own personal research into the lives of Abraham Lincoln, Robert E. Lee e.g. that many, if not most, of the prominent leaders in the Civil War were men of high moral fiber and Christian principles. Michael Aubrecht's book, Onward Christian Soldier, depicts in straightforward fashion the importance faith in Jesus Christ had in the life and death of Stonewall Jackson. Several of my students read this book as part of their research paper projects and were able to gain great insight into this interesting and influential American. - Geoffrey McCabe

As a result, I have become more confident in proposing my work as curriculum and invite any teacher who may be interested in using this book to email me for a free PDF (Adobe Acrobat) copy that they can review prior to purchasing the book for use in their classrooms or libraries.

Onward Christian Soldier presents the life and death of Thomas Jackson with a special attention focused on his religious beliefs. In 10 concise chapters, Jackson's spirituality is presented as the foundation for what made him a legend. One recent email sent by a student summarizes the educational potential of OCS:

This may be one of the shortest - yet one of the best - biographies I have ever read. While other books spend thousands of pages attempting to capture the essence of their subject, you have done so in less than one hundred. Each chapter flows nicely and it was refreshing to read about the man first and a general second. - Jay Parks

Onward Christian Soldier presents Jackson's:

  • Difficult childhood and tragic family history
  • Experiences and struggles as a student at West Point
  • Success in the field while serving in the Mexican conflicts
  • Experience as a professor at the Virginia Military Institute
  • Philosophy and strategy for training Confederate recruits
  • Service and initial struggles in the Presbyterian Church
  • Prayer studies, Deacon and Sunday School contributions
  • Petitions and efforts for the appointment of CSA chaplains
  • Battlefield exploits, victories and failures in the field
  • Impact on the morale and spiritual conversion of his troops
  • Untimely death and its affect on the south's war efforts
  • The book also features a variety of quotes, letters and newspaper articles including what is considered to be the most accurate report of his last days as written by his personal surgeon Dr. Hunter McGuire.

The companion volume, Christian Cavalier, mirrors this approach in telling the life and death story of General James Ewell Brown (J.E.B.) Stuart.




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