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Michael Aubrecht proceeds from a premise Lincoln understood; "Both sides pray to the same God." His is scholarly research in a field largely untouched in the volumes of Civil War material that have preceded him; the devout faith of two of the South's most important generals. It makes for fascinating reading; both for modern Southerners who may question the moral caliber of their slave-holding ancestors, and for Northerners who may have been taught that only the Union fervently believed themselves to be following the will of God. A must-read for anyone seriously interested in the interior life of the players in this great national tragedy.

Bill Oberst Jr., television and film actor portraying General William T. Sherman in the History Channel's critically acclaimed docu-drama "Sherman's March"

On a visit to Winchester, Virginia this past June, I had the great pleasure of meeting Michael Aubrecht, a talented Civil War author and historian from Fredericksburg. I recommend that all Civil War historians take the time to read Michael's blog and books. You will not be disappointed.

Benjamin Smith, Managing Editor, Civil War Historian magazine

Author Michael Aubrecht writes with passion and insight. His books on Stonewall Jackson and Jeb Stuart are excellent starting points to gain insight into these two soldiers' Christian faith. Hopefully, lovers of Christian history can look forward to more works from Aubrecht.

Richard G. Williams Jr., author of Stonewall Jackson - The Black Man's Friend, The Maxims of Robert E. Lee for Young Gentlemen, and Christian Business Legends

I found the Stuart piece most interesting. I was familiar with Stuart's piety, but it was nice to be able to put some meat on those particular bones. I think you did a fine job with the topic, and I appreciate your sharing them with me.

Eric J. Wittenberg, cavalry historian and author of Gettysburg's Forgotten Cavalry Actions, The Battle of Monroe's Crossroads and the Civil War's Final Campaign, and Plenty of Blame to go Around, Jeb Stuart's Controversial Ride to Gettysburg

Not everyone has the ability to write non-fiction and make it as absorbing as a piece of fiction. Fortunately, Michael Aubrecht, author of "Christian Cavalier: The Spiritual Legacy of J.E.B. Stuart," has that ability and exhibits his skill here. Filled with personal quotes and excerpts from letters and Stuart's own journal, Christian Cavalier takes you through the life of J.E.B. Stuart, particularly his war years, and gives us a taste of who this great man actually was. Author Michael Aubrecht, best known for his contributions to and the Pinstripe Press, has penned a wonderful biography of the great J.E.B. Stuart. Christian Cavalier was obviously painstakingly researched and exceptionally well-written by a man who feels strongly concerning the topic about which he writes. The style of Christian Cavalier is more akin to that of a novel, rather than a history, and is an easy and enjoyable read. Two thumbs up and highly recommended. (4 out of 5 star rating)

Craig Alan Hart, Christian author and critic: Christian Book Reviews

The author takes you on a biographical and inspirational journey through the difficult days of the Civil War. Not only is the account historically accurate, as a bonus it entertains and inspires the reader. General J.E.B. Stuart is shown to be a tough flamboyant warrior, a skilled and motivated commanding officer, an unselfish spiritual advisor to his troops, and a benchmark for loyalty and patriotism. The author gives vignettes into the private thoughts of a loving family man, revealing the sacrifices and difficulties he endured while serving valiantly for God and Country. Although he fought for a controversial cause, he is revealed as completely honorable and patriotic, as confirmed by his contemporaries from both the blue and the gray. The author's weaving of an exciting chronicle about a great American, will engross all readers. If you are a history buff, this second volume by Michael Aubrecht is a must read.

B. Davis Greer, author of The Pegasus Affair

For all who have "read it all" as far as biographies of General J.E.B. Stuart are concerned, this spell-binding account is not to be overlooked! As he did in "Onward Christian Soldier: The Spiritual Journey of Stonewall," Michael has gone where none have gone before with this brief, but captivating treatment of the role Gen. J.E.B. Stuart's spiritual and religious life played on and off the battlefield. Both of Aubrecht's books are necessary volumes for any serious student of the Civil War.

Reverend Mike Motsko, Spotsylvania Presbyterian Church

Being a born-again child of God and portraying a Civil War chaplain at re-enactments for the last 20 plus years, I am always on the look out for books that deal with the Christian aspect of those who fought that war. I was very excited when I found out about two new books, "Onward Christian Soldier, The Spiritual Journey of Stonewall," and "Christian Cavalier, The Spiritual Legacy of J.E.B. Stuart."

Author Michael Aubrecht has done a great job of bringing out the Christian character of these two men in a simple and easy to understand way. You come away from reading these books with a better understanding of these two Confederate leaders and what motivated their actions, their personal relationship with the Son of God, Jesus Christ.

Chaplain Alan Farley, Re-enactor's Missions For Jesus Christ
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I found that while concise, it [Christian Cavalier, The Spiritual Legacy of J.E.B. Stuart] is a most interesting and informative read. Michael Aubrecht has obviously done his research and uses his literary abilities to communicate his findings to persons wishing to learn more about this fine Confederate General.

Al Stone, General Robert E. Lee in the History Channel documentary titled "April1865"

Having read Aubrecht's first book, entitled "Onward Christian Soldier," and enjoying every bit of it, I looked forward to reading "Christian Cavalier." As I said before, I have no real knowledge of the history of the United States, and most certainly none of the Civil War. However, this book did not reach me the same way that "Onward Christian Soldier" had.

The writing is spectacular and exactly what I would expect out of Michael, having read other pieces of his work. It's the little things that really make a book work, and Michael succeeded in those. That said, it did not reach me on the same emotional plane (I don't know which homonym to use here) as the first. I learned a lot about Stuart and his military finesse, but there wasn't the same amount of spiritual essence in "Christian Cavalier." However, I still think this book holds its own.

Despite the lack of the spiritual, Aubrecht instilled in me a great respect for Stuart as a man. He was only 31 when he died, but his military accomplishments left me in awe. I look at my husband who just recently turned 24, and I wonder how it was even possible for a man to be so dedicated to his training to get so far, while he was still so young.

There was one part of the book that touched me, being a mother, and it was when Stuart's daughter died. His anguish is clearly felt as he writes, "God has shielded me thus far from bodily harm, but I feel perfect resignation to go at his bidding and join my little Flora." I didn't cry, but I certainly felt like it, knowing how devastated I, myself, would be if I ever lost my own little boy.

To summarize, I feel where this book missed in its lack of spiritual inspiration, it made up for it in understanding for the man that J.E.B. Stuart was. I'm only left with one question: was it pronounced "Jay Eee Bee" ? Or "Jeb"? This Jew-girl gives "Christian Cavalier" by Michael Aubrecht a 4 out of 5!

Jezreel Cohen, Jezreel Reviews

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