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Here in the U.S.A., the growth of the more fanatical forms of Christianity will likely be a serious longterm threat to the freedoms of religious minorities.

Christians, even fundamentalist or ultra-traditionalist Christians, are not necessarily opposed to freedom for minority religions or to the separation of church and state. Indeed, one of the reasons why we in the U.S.A. have a First Amendment -- and a Constitution which does not mention God -- is because a lot of Christians themselves had gotten sick of Christian religious wars and persecutions. Quite a few of the founding fathers were Deist rather than Christian, but the Deists could not have gotten their way without the help of a lot of Christians who agreed that religion was better off being treated as a private matter. To this day, there still exist plenty of Christians, including fundamentalists, who do not support the religious right wing.

Nevertheless, members of a country's majority religion, whatever that religion might happen to be, are obviously in more of a position than anyone else to give their own religion an officially dominant status and to limit other people's freedom of religion. And the more fanatical adherents of the majority religion are more likely, than anyone else, to support the cause of shoving their religious beliefs down everyone else's throat by force of law. Hence the growth of religious fanaticism within the majority religion is indeed a longterm threat to everyone else's freedom.

So, it behooves religious minorities to find effective ways to counter hardcore Christian evangelism.

Christians, even the most fanatical ones, are entitled to the same civil rights as everyone else, including freedom of speech. In no way do I advocate persecution of hardcore Christians. However, turnabout is fair play. Insofar as hardcore Christians have the right to try to change other people's beliefs, other people also have the right to tell the other side of the story. Insofar as hardcore Christians have the right to criticize the beliefs of other religions, so too do people of other religions have the right to criticize the beliefs of hardcore Christians.

There are already lots of atheist sites containing arguments against traditional Christian beliefs. My own site, in contrast, is intended to be useful primarily to people who hold non-mainstream theistic or spiritual beliefs, including Pagans, occultists, and theistic Satanists. (I myself am in that last category.)

But I have no desire to duplicate the work that has already been done for us by atheists. Hence this site will contain a lot of links to the better atheist sites, or at least to those parts thereof which focus on debunking hardcore Christianity rather than on opposing belief in any kind of God. I'll also include some original arguments by people of various minority religions.

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