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Diane Vera's blogs, and how to contact Diane Vera

I currently do not publish an email address online. Instead, I can be contacted via one of my blogs or via Meetup or via Facebook.

Please note that I am interested in private contact (via email or otherwise) only for a very limited number of purposes. If you don't already know me personally, I prefer to have most online interaction publicly, on one of my blogs, or on the message board of one of my Meetup groups, or on one of my Facebook pages or groups. Or, if you live in or near New York City, you may meet me in person at a meeting of New Yorkers Against Religion-Based Bigotry, or at a meeting of NYC Satanists, Luciferians, Dark Pagans, and LHP Occultists.

If you don't already know me personally, I am interested in private contact (via email or otherwise) ONLY about the following:

On all other topics, please post a public comment on one of my blogs, or post a message on the most relevant one of my Meetup group message boards, or on one of my Facebook pages or groups. If you post a message on one of my blogs asking me to email you privately, please be sure to tell me what you want me to email you about, and please keep the above limits in mind. Please note that I do not provide private email counseling to people I don't already know, nor am I willing to engage in private email discussion or debate about the topics discussed on my website or blogs. Nor will I reply to non-specific requests for private contact.

My blogs and my Meetup account can be accessed as follows:

If you are not replying to a specific post on one of my blogs, please post your comment in the "General feedback" thread. Below are links to the current "General feedback" threads on each of my three blogs:

If you have a blog of your own and you find my websites and/or blogs interesting, I'd love it if you could link to one or more of them and post comments about them on your own blog. I'll be happy to return the favor, if you let me know about it, and if I find your website or blog interesting too. (Please note that I am likely to be interested only in sites with substantive original text content.)

My online activities are very intermittent, due to a hectic work schedule. I sometimes neglect my blogs for months at at time. If I do not promptly approve or respond to a comment you posted on one of my blogs, you may call my attention to it via Meetup, which I check more frequently.

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