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As of Fall 2007, the forum described below is now defunct. (It's still there, so you can join it and look at it, but you can't post there.) I now have blogs (on which you can post comments) instead of a forum.

Counter-Evangelism email group
moderated by Diane Vera et al.

The counter-evangelism email group, on Yahoo, is a place to brainstorm strategies for effective counter-evangelism, primarily on a small scale (e.g. how to respond to pesky fundies in our personal lives), but also on a larger scale (e.g. responses to the religious right wing).

The most commonly-discussed topic here is the hardcore Christians (or Muslims, Noahides, etc.) in our personal lives and how best to deal with them. Our aims in this regard may vary depending on our situation. Some of us may want merely to figure out how to get evangelizing Christians to leave us alone, while others may aim to deconvert them from Christianity. In either case, you will probably find some helpful advice here in the counter-evangelism forum.

We especially welcome people of the religious minorities whose beliefs and values are most radically at odds with those of hardcore Christians, and who therefore have the strongest need to fight back, including Pagans, occultists, Satanists (of both the theistic and atheistic/symbolic kinds), and atheists. (The moderators are theistic Satanists.) People of other beliefs are welcome too, except that participation by Christians, Muslims, observant Jews, Noahides, and other worshippers of the Abrahamic God is limited only to very liberal, non-evangelizing adherents of those religions, on a case-by-case basis.

We especially welcome former believers in hardcore forms of Christianity, Islam, etc., although people without such a background are certainly welcome too.

The counter-evangelism forum is NOT intended to be a religious debate forum. (There are already plenty of other online forums for that purpose.) The purpose of the counter-evangelism forum is NOT to debate with hardcore Christians, Muslims, etc. themselves, but rather to brainstorm ways to deal with them. Hence our rejection of posts by all but the most liberal, non-evangelizing adherents of Abrahamic religions.

Also, the counter-evangelism forum is NOT intended for debate about the religions and worldviews of members of the counter-evangelism forum itself. We do NOT allow debates about the validity of atheism, non-Abrahamic theism, or the specific beliefs of Pagans occultists, or Satanists. This forum's sole focus is on the Abrahamic religions, especially their more doctrinaire and militant forms, and how to respond to evangelists from same.

To join, click here, then click "Join this group" and follow subsequent instructions. But first, please read the following rules:

Rules for the counter-evangelism email group

The counter-evangelism forum is moderated, mainly to keep it on-topic and to keep out posts by fundies and other hardcore Christians. (Very liberal Christians ARE welcome to post, on a case-by-case basis, provided they share our concerns about fundy Christianity and do not attempt to proselytize or bash the other religions/worldviews represented in the forum. A similar policy applies to adherents of other Abrahamic religions.) If you are Christian or Muslim, see the additional notes to you at the bottom of this page.

We welcome debate about counter-evangelism tactics and strategy, about coping with pesky fundies in our personal lives, and also about political strategy against the religious right wing, but NOT about our own religions/worldviews. The latter can be debated in some of the other forums moderated by Diane Vera et al., or these other forums, as appropriate. Please note that the counter-evangelism forum itself is NOT a religious debate forum. All posts which debate the beliefs of other members of the forum, or which bash any of the religions or worldviews whose adherents are welcome here, will be considered off-topic and will most likely be rejected. Likewise all posts which promote one's own religious beliefs except in contexts directly relevant to counter-evangelism, such as a discussion of how one would explain one's beliefs to Christian or other Abrahamic fundies. The counter-evangelism forum is intended to focus solely on our common concerns about pesky fundies.

Also, please note that this forum is for discussion of the mundane aspects of counter-evangelism, e.g. how to talk to fundy Christians. Because this forum includes people of a wide variety of religions and worldviews, it is not an appropriate place to discuss such topics as which god or demon you should call upon to help you, how to communicate with said god or demon, etc.

The counter-evangelism forum also limits discussion of politics. Political discussion is on-topic here ONLY insofar as it directly concerns the influence of fundamentalist-type religion in politics. Thus, for example, it's on-topic to discuss the obviously very dangerous influence of religious fanaticism on Middle East policy, but NOT to debate about Middle East policy itself. Likewise regarding abortion and other issues on which non-fundies may hold a variety of positions.

When discussing controversial matters of any kind, please try to make intelligent, reasoned arguments and avoid personal insults. Also, please (1) be clear about who and what you are replying to; (2) edit your quotes; (3) avoid one-line posts, especially me-too or not-me posts (one-line replies saying little or nothing more than "I agree" or "I disagree," without giving reasons -- such replies should be emailed privately to the sender of the original post, not sent to the entire forum); and (4) avoid overwhelming our mailboxes with large numbers of posts sent in rapid-fire succession.

Gratuitously insulting posts are subject to deletion, at the moderator's sole discretion. Likewise spam. Likewise pornographic posts (because this forum has no minimum age). Likewise posts advocating murder, terrorism, or other illegal acts, or which are illegal in themselves (e.g. in violation of copyright laws). If a post of yours has been deleted or is otherwise missing, feel free to write to the moderator asking why, and feel free to send another post which does not violate the rules. (Also, please.note that Yahoo occasionally screws up, sometimes resulting in posts getting deleted unintentionally.)

Please do not post a message consisting of just a URL and nothing else. Please tell us a little about the site or include a brief excerpt in your post.

File attachments are not permitted. If you wish to share a file with us, please upload it to the "Files" section of the counter-evangelism email group's Yahoo home page.

Off-topic religious discussions, including debates about atheism, non-Abrahamic theism, or the specific beliefs of Pagans, occultists, or Satanists, will be diverted to one of the following forums, as appropriate:

If you have decided to join the counter-evangelism group but are curious about the beliefs of other members, or if you wish to voice any negative opinions about those beliefs, then please join one or both of the above two email groups too, so that your questions and concerns can be addressed in an appropriate forum.

If you wish to reply to a counter-evangelism post in a manner which veers toward off-topic religious discussion, then please post, to the counter-evangelism forum itself, only a very brief, vague teaser referring to a more specific and detailed post you'll be making in either T-S-a-o or T-S-a-o-2.

Contacting the moderators:  If you need to send an urgent message to the moderators, e.g. if you have second thoughts about a message you just posted to counter-evangelism or one of the forums, please send it to the moderators as indicated here. Thus your message will be read by whoever is currently on duty as a moderator.

To Christians:  Please note that Christians (other than very liberal Christians, on a case-by-case basis) are not allowed to post in the Counter-Evangelism group. If you wish to debate with some of us, please join Theistic-Satanists-and-others-2 or Theistic-Satanists-and-others-3 or one of these other forums instead. You are also strongly discouraged from joining the Counter-Evangelism group for the purpose of contacting our members privately. If a member complains of receiving email or IM's from you and is annoyed by it, you may be expelled from the group.

To Muslims, Noahides, etc  The above paragraph addressed to Christians applies also to you.

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