Rego Park to Forest Hills

64th road and alderton street

The corner of Alderton Street and 64th Road in what locals refer to as The Crescents, a Rego Park enclave of alphabetized streets looping around in a semi circle bordered by Alderton, Woodhaven Boulevard, Fleet Street and 63rd Drive. Peeking out just above the dense forest in the background is the tip of one of the Dead Track's silent, brooding sentinels; the rusting high tension wire masts. The Dead Tracks are easily accessible here, as they are at a number of dead ended streets all the way down to Ozone Park. You just have to descend the long hill carefully, and do not mistake my words for encouragement. The legal right to be down there may be a vague, gray area, and as in any abandoned facility, there is danger to those who tread carelessly.

view 2

In the heart of the only real forest left in Forest Hills, being that Forest Park is really in Richmond Hill. Although you can't see them in every spot, the tracks are back there somewhere, under flora both dead and alive.

skateboard launches

Halfway between the Rego Park clearing and the Fleet Street ballfields, local skateboarders have set up shop, constructing earth mounds to hold their plywood launches.

skateboard launches view 2

Every here and there you can find evidence of homeless folks who've set up camp. These mounds are just past where the dual tracks split for their separate connections to the main line.