* 461 ci Oldsmobile* THE ENGINE IS TOGETHER (6/5/02)

Here's what inside:

1-Milodon 8 qt. pan
2-N crank, cross drilled and holes enlarges and balanced. Crank was left Std./Std. and polished
3-main studs and straps
4-restricted mains
5-milodon windage try
6-eagle H beam rods small end honed out for .990 pin
7-.030 bore
8-Diamond pistons with the compression height raised .010, 1/16 ring glands and a .990, .120 wall pin 9-block decked to have pistons .010 in the hole
10-UD solid cam 593/.593 lift
11-lifter oil holes restricted
12-Comp cam solid lifters
13-10 inch long 3/8" comp cam push rods
14- Lunati springs, 10 degee retainers and super locks
15-edelbrock heads with ports matched and combustion chambers cleaned up cut down to be 74cc. Better springs, retainers and super locks installed
16-Harland sharp roller rockers
17-Jomar stud girdle (not on yet in pics)
18-unique aluminum valve covers
19-offenhauser super sonic intake
20-holley 950 hp carb
21-cloyes double true roller timing set
22-meziere water pump
23- ATI super dampner
24- Hard bloc filled to the water pump holes
25 - MSD Pro billit distributor with the MSD pro distributor cap and rotor