Misc. race car work

In order to follow the NHRA rules I made my own fuel cell sump cover and on April 4, 2002 I made up my own radiator supports, uppers and lowers. Here are some pics.

My home made radiator brackets (added 4/10/02)

*Added on 9/27/02*
Next is my home made grill that I made out of lexan, I still have to paint it, the white is the protective film. I just couldn't see paying the prices that are out there for a 68 grill. Now all I have to do is come up with a glass bumper

Finally! the front bumper is on May 13, 2004

Then we have the newly located fan and trans cooler, I first had both of them hanging on the rad. with those pull ties, now nothing is hanging on the rad.

Here are some Misc, pictures