New Powerglide transmission by Godley performance

Here is a couple pictures of Godleys car which won the super gas class at the 2002 Gator nationals in Gainsville Florida, What an accomplishment, congratulations! You can also read about it in the nation dragster issue that covered the Gator nationals

Here is a couple shots of the trans I just got today 3/13/02 from Godley transmission in Georgia. This is a Powerglide with a 1.82 gear and Turbo shaft. It has the JW Ultra bell, Deep pan, trans shield, 10" converter and a JW flex plate.

Well as my luck would have it my cross member would not work with the glide. It was about an inch and a half too high. So, I ended up spending the day making a cross member, of course I had to make sure everything was lined up and all so back in went the bare block to mount everytthing to the plates. I used 1 1/2 square tubing, I bent a piece of flat 1/8" X 2" in a "U" shape for the trans to sit and bolt to and weld the square tubing to but it was bending in the middle so I added a piece of flat 1/4" to the bottom and welded that up and it don't bent no more, I also use flat steel bolt to the frame and then welded the square tubing to it. I guess it came out OK.