Rear end

first 2 pics are of the rear complete with the brake kit installed. I'm using a dick miller suspension kit which I had to return because I got the one with the lift /no hop bars and they would not work with the Moser 12 bolt rear. So, I had to send that kit back and use another one from Dick Miller, which I am waiting for now.

The next 2 pics are of the brackets I made up to support the brake lines. I used a piece of aluminum which I drilled a hole through for the fitting to go through, then when the adapter nut is tightened it keeps it secure to the bracket. I then rivited a hose clamp to the bracket to secure the lines on the axle tubes. For the "T" fittting bracket I basically did the same thing drilling a hole through a bracket I made and when the 2 fittings are tightened it holds it in place. then it was just a matter of another hole for the bolt that was used for the rear cover.

The remaining pictures are of the rear installed in the car