Well I started on the lexan today (12/20/2001) I used a dremel tool with a straight bit to cut the lexan and then used the dremal tool with the sanding attachment to smooth things out, worked pretty well. What ever you do use a mask and safety glasses, a lot of dust from the sanding and a lot of flyng pieces when cutting. If you notice the red line around the lexan, I scribed the inside of the frame so I know where to drill the leaxn before I attach it. I'll drill holes in the lexan a little bigger than the fastener's that I am going to use then mark the frame.

Door Jambs
My car (1968 442) had the frames around the stock glass, which made thing pretty easy. I just cut some aluminum and riveted it across the bottom of both the door and rear window opening.The rear window opening was a little tricky with that radius, but it came out ok.

Finished product: Installed and outline painted. I ended up keeping the winshield glass