2002 - 2004 race season

Well, I finally made it to the track on 6/25/02 with the new race car that I have been building for about a year and a half. I haven't raced in about 19 years or more, felt good to do it again. First pass right off the trailer I ran a 11.11 and then a 10.91, man was I happy. There are plenty of pics and spec about the car on the other pages.
*UPDATE* On 5/8/04 I ran my best time so far with the car 10.380 @ 127 MPH

Next pics are from my trip to the track on 7/9/02 I only made one pass and oiled dowm the track when a plug blew out of the rear of the block. I ran an 11.11 @ 120 MPH

Track pictures from 2004

Here are a couple pictures of the bar we have at our track, there is a inside and outside stage for enterainment. The inside stage has a pole on it, don't know what kind of entertainment can be had with that, LOL!